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17 GIFs Of Adam West’s Batman That Will Never Fail To Make Us Smile


June 15th, 2017   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Adam West was a truly iconic actor who will be deeply missed, but his performance as television’s Batman will forever remind us that there’s laughter to be found in even dark circumstances.

17 of our favorite Batman GIFs that we can’t help but grin at.

1. Not sure what’s happening here, but this reaction is just so much and so beautiful.

adam west batman gif


2. Or when he surfed with bat-trunks on…

adam west gif


3. When he had to get rid of the world’s largest and slowest-burning bomb…

adam west batman dance


4. Having to get rid of that pesky shark…

happy birthday animated gif


5. How else would he answer the phone?

batman adam west


6. Just being protective… Right…

happy birthday gif images


7. Seriously, the world’s slowest burning bomb…

gif happy birthday


8. He may not have any idea what to do with his hands, but he’s got hip bumping down…

batman on drugs


9. Running from that pesky shark. (No, this wasn’t actually on the show, but it’s a great gif nonetheless…)

dance tumblr


10. Just spinning out casually…

gif dance


11. The best punch effect.

tumblr dance


12. The most unnecessary jump down a single stair…

fight scene


13. When Batman had to dance and had no idea what to do with his hands…

dancing gif


14. A majestic entrance if ever there was one.

adam west batman


15. This poor cat.

batman gif


16. The balloons?

batman gif


17. And finally, still the longest burning bomb..

batman sound effects

source : playbuzz.com