20 Gifts Your Dad Will Totally Love

Because your dad is the best. There is no way your dad won’t love something on this list.

1. A classic pattern, and an even more classic gift.

Product Review: Good quality, worked for what I needed, packed to avoid damage so it was straight out of the box and on to my event. By Amazon Customer
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2. Upgrade his weekend wear with a pair of navy sneakers.

Product Review: My husband goes through sneakers very quickly because he’s on construction sites most of the day. He has very sensitive feet, that are usually in pain. These are the 1st sneakers he ever freaked out about the first time he put them on! He says they’re the most comfortable AND supportive sneakers he’s ever worn. Plus they’re affordable. We’ll never buy anything else! By Amazon Customer
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3. It’s always stylish to be punctual. Nautical Chronograph Leather Strap

Product Review: This is a beautiful and high quality watch. By Amazon Customer
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4. Help him take his music wherever he goes — no strings attached.

Product Review: I love these, they are VERY comfy! The sound is good; it has strong mids, strong lows that doesn’t go as far as to drown out everything else. The high are good, but not great. My spouse is an audiophile and said for the price, these are good. I love that you can wash the headband and padded ears. I find these very comfortable, I can listen for hours with no squeezing feeling. By Amazon Customer
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5. Altman Contrast-Tipped Cotton-Terry Robe, SLEEPY JONES

Product Review: This is got to be the king of bathrobes. Good for the winter months only. One can go out and get the mail, newspaper in sub zero weather and not feel the cold. Love the long tie. Most bathrobe ties are usually to short to tie a good knot. By Amazon Customer
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6. For when winter is here and his ski gloves just won’t cut it.

Product Review: Well, these certainly aren’t as fancy or pretty as some of the Mechanix offerings, but they are comfortable and tough. I’ve been working on a limestone border/flowerbed project that goes around the entire perimeter of our house and in the span of a couple of weeks I chewed through a pair of Mechanix 5x (or whatever they are). Bought these and in the same amount of time they show zero sign of wear. Gloves are designed to be used and then thrown away when they are worn out, so don’t buy any work glove thinking you’re going to have them for life, but these are some of the toughest ones I’ve used, and I’ve use a lot. You won’t get the dexterity of some of the lighter gloves but they offer more protection and a longer lifespan. By Amazon Customer
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7. Satisfying that something sweet, something salty crave he always has.


Product Review: My favorite guilty pleasure. Love this stuff. By Amazon Customer
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8. Improve his casual jacket game with a warm bomber.


Product Review: Super warm. Fits great. Looks great. I’m 6’0″ with a 45” chest, 31” waist, muscular build, and the large fit me just perfectly. I question the quality control, though. I ordered two larges and one fit perfectly and the other was a bit too big. By Amazon Customer
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9. His co-workers won’t recognize him with this upgraded case for his laptop and files.

Product Review: One word for this bag:
This has got to be the best briefcase/ man-purse I’ve owned and I’ll tell you why:
Quality: Out of this world. 10/10. This bag uses vegetable tanned leather, which not only ages better than chrome tanned leather in terms of looks and feel, but vegetable tanned leather is also eco-friendly and is can be recycled rather than chrome-tanned leather. Stitching is top notch too. I think they use some sort of heavy-guage nylon stitching, which should last anyone hundreds of years. Plus, the bag uses as few leather pieces as it can, making rips and tears near-impossible. The metal pieces are also made of brass that shines like gold. By Amazon Customer
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10. His back pocket will thank you for this slimmer, chicer upgrade.

Product Review: A simple Uri Minkoff wallet with embossed branding. Slim back pocket. Leather interior with 5 card slots and a cash pocket.
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11. A dad staple in a very flattering shade of green.

Product Review: Run small, but I follow the advise of other reviews and took it into account (I’m M+ and 2XL worked fine). It is light, warm and dressy. This is my second, I goofed up on the first one; it ended up in the dyer and it went toddler size. By Amazon Customer
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12. His socks aren’t cool, but these are.


Product Review: I really doubted whether these socks were any good considering the low cost. As it turned out, they are a tad on the small side for me as I wear a size 12 shoe. Other than that, they’re terrific. They were labeled at $5.00 retail, but even that seems a good price for these socks. I will definitely buy them again. By Amazon Customer
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13. This lightning charger tag is the perfect accessory for his briefcase, or luggage.

Product Review : What a cool accessory. My kids saw an ad for one of these and wanted me to get one. It was a good price so I purchased and I really do like it. Works great and so convenient. It is hooked right on my purse.
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14. Speaking of luggage and charging, this lightweight carry-on will definitely be his new go-to.

Product Review: Took it on a 2 week overseas trip, airports, trains, buses, metro, street… this thing took it all like a trooper. The wheels have a good size that allow it to roll on most city streets. The trip had one flight with very tight luggage constraints, this luggage fit everywhere. Highly recommended. By Amazon Customer
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15. Cool glasses for a cool guy.

Product Review: Great fit! LookEd like good quality, and even nicer in person. By Amazon Customer
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16. Morning coffee, but make it fashion.

Tom Dixon’s elegant cafetiere has a distinctive Art Deco look – its elongated shape, glossy copper finish and rounded black handle all pay tribute to the movement. It’s precision-engineered for a smooth plunge and pour, and will lend an artful edge to your kitchen counter or coffee table. It comes in a designer-stamped box, making it an exceptional gift for yourself or the caffeine addict in your life.
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17. Keep him hydrated with this reusable water bottle.

Product Review: I bought this for my boyfriend after I had bought the same product in different design. It still amazes me that I can be so obsessed with a water bottle! At first I thought it was overpriced… but it definitely is worth the money with the cold, refreshing water (even when left in your car or outside for the day in 100+ heat) and the fact I am actually drinking enough water throughout the day! By Amazon Customer
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18. Do him a favor, and help him throw away that old belt with the deep creases at the holes. This one is just better.

Product Review: There is a big difference between the woven belt, made from fabric. Or the Full grain woven belt wit stretch rubber inside. This belt is handmade in Italy. The outside is made of high-quality leather. With the unique stretch technology inside. This results in a stretch technique which can stretch up till 15 cm. (6 In.) The pin can go through the whole belt, so it can fit everybody. High comfort to wear for many outfits. Casual or Dress up. Very handy for sports like Golf or Walking. Or for Suits. The belt is flexible and strong because of the use of leather.
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19. These glasses will make him feel like a high-roller.

Four-piece assorted glass double old-fashioneds set.
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20. A comfortable, stylish option for his wardrobe.

Product Review: I ordered my boyfriend these pants and he LOVES that they fit true to size. Claims they’re the most comfortable pants he’s ever worn–that could be because he’s tall and hasn’t had many options in the 33×34 size before. The graphite green is not as green as in the picture. Almost looks like an off-black. Overall, great pants (apparently). By Amazon Customer
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