GigaBook Alternatives 2023: 10 Best Appointment Scheduling Software


February 17th, 2022   |   Updated on February 6th, 2023

Gigabook helps businesses sell more products while reducing spending. It is done through online appointment booking and the software’s business tools. This is an appointment booking platform that helps even very small businesses. It is also suitable for enterprise accounts like regional or national franchises.

The Gigabook is more than being an appointment platform. Users gain from the efficiency tools provided. Apart from that, it also helps users gather payments with the bookings, create an invoice and have online tools to collect outstanding invoices if any.

In the end, the platform shows that there is much more to the business than taking appointments. The software is 100% cloud-based in nature, and it can work on any device. Apart from that, you could use the Gigabook booking apps to take the appointments from your website itself.

The software offers booking apps that allow you to take appointments for group functions, offer follow-up surveys, contact forms, and help you collect customized data. It also lets you sell additional productions with every booking you make.

You could try Gigabook for free for a span of 14 days. There is no need for a credit card. The intelligent account setup system or Smart Start will let you start in a matter of minutes.

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GigaBook Alternatives

We will now rank the best alternatives that we have for Gigabook:

1. FlexBooker

Flexbooker helps you in accepting any kind of online booking from your website itself. You can set your account up in minutes and even take appointments from your clients online. There is no need for back and forth arranging of times in the past.

Apart from that, Flexbooker helps drive businesses even when you are sleeping. You can quickly boost your sales through automated confirmations, follow-ups, reminders through e-mail and text messages.

FlexBooker also comes with reporting, and all the data could be exported to Excel for further analysis. The software is easily customized and includes both design, colors, and booking form fields.

Some other features of Flexbooker comprise facility to accept the payments when the clients have made an online booking through a credit card, membership management, package management, and allowing automatic subscription payments.

2. Cogsworth Appointment Scheduler

This cloud-based appointment scheduler brings the ability of syncing personal and work calendars on one public booking page that you could share with the customers.

In case you have a service-based business that needs you and the staff to be bookable, then Cogsworth is where you should try. It allows you to create bookable services that you may accept the payments for, invite the staff members to the business and personalize the booking page with the questions and designs.

Cogsworth is very easy to set up, and the booking page’s usability makes it so popular.

3. is an online booking system that it is helpful for all the service-based industries like fitness centers, beauty salons, consultants, schools, medical centers, and many others. Apart from offering the clients the facility to book the service, they could also sell gift cards, packages, service add-ons, and products when they book a service. comes with a booking website so that their clients can go online and book, change and delete the booking on their own. If you have your own website, you could add their booking solution in the widget form. The bookings can be accepted through Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

4. Shortcuts Software

Shortcuts help salon, barbershop, and spa owners and help them offer a next-level experience to their clients and run a unique, streamlined business. The software cuts the admin workload for a company in half just by simplifying their daily tasks and automating all the essentials, so you will get more time to accomplish the things you adore.

Their intuitive touch screen appointment book helps users manage their daily tasks efficiently. It is flexible and styled to match you and also allows you to suit all your requirements. You can change, resize, reschedule and recur the appointments, thus saving your time when you require to use it.

Track and celebrate the progress with their easy-to-use reporting feature. You can keep track of the cash flow, identify the strengths and weaknesses and even improve the way business is conducted and operate as a team.

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5. ClickBook

Not all businesses are computer savvy. Therefore the free scheduling software for any business has to be efficient and easy to operate. Not only for the client but for the service provider itself.

The Clickbook free appointment scheduling software quickly downloads into any browser, and they won’t slow down or hamper the computer’s performance. Clients will get full access to the appointment scheduler and reservation management dashboard that they can use to manage the appointments, bookings, and calendar.

This free appointment book software is easy for the customers to use as well. For example, the free online salon scheduling selects the service you want, with whom and when and book that in real-time. This means you will never get a double booking. This booking gets confirmed through text and email. On the other hand, the service provider receives an update informing them about the reservation, and the customer gets the reminder when its time comes close.

6. MakePlans

Makeplans is a simple system that you can use for appointment booking and registration of events. It is quick and helps in the easy booking. The customer can choose a service and an available time slot. Less time is wasted on the phone and more on taking care of the customer’s needs.

Appointment taken is added to the calendar. Since every step of the booking is automated, you do not have to worry about anything. Plus, with the reminders sketch feature, the software sends SMS reminders to the customers, which reduces the chances of customers not showing up.

MakePlans makes it easy for the customers to book an appointment during regular working hours or even signup for any event at a particular time. The customer also receives a confirmation mail or SMS, and they could add the booking to the calendar.

7. Doodle

Doodle is smart online meeting scheduling software, and it allows the officials to book their meetings quickly. This software checks other people’s calendars and finds out who is available and when. The meetings are then scheduled accordingly. The software can be synced with iCal, Office 365, and Google Calendar, so you know the dates available and avoid any errors. Users can also share the Doodle URL through email and fix the date.

Plus, the software takes care of the different time zones, auto-identifies the guest time zones, and removes any confusion. To book the meeting, the users could propose meeting times and check who is free. Doodle also helps the company managers to inform the guests about any cancellations or changes in their meeting schedules.

In case the user changes the meeting schedule, the software will send information of the same to the guests. The users could also set reminders and inform them about the meetings. Doodle also has the facility to add companies’ logos and brand colors. This software makes the process of appointment booking very simple and time-saving.

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8. Acuity Scheduling

The Acuity scheduling software will make your business zoom constantly. The customers could enjoy the 24*7 real-time availability it provides and also book appointments anytime. The scheduling tool has all the convenient features like automated scheduling and payment processing.

There is calendar management to see that there is no confusion when you schedule an event or booking. With the Acuity scheduling software at your disposal, you could schedule the resources facilities and make any kind of reservations from separate locations. There is a facility to send reminder alerts to the customers, adjust the time zones and customize the tool.

9. Genbook

Genbook is an online and mobile appointment scheduling software. It has all the critical features like online booking, reputation promotion, and managing the business, staff, and customers.

The Genbook is suitable for all health, wellness, beauty service providers. This includes salons, spas, barber, skincare, massage, acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical, photographers etc.

10. Timely

Timely is a highly powerful tool that simplifies scheduling, reminding, and conforming events, tasks, and activities to save time and increase revenue. This software focuses on assisting B2B companies and revenue times to boost their customer satisfaction conversion rates and garner superior productivity levels.

Timely offers easy ways to schedule any meeting or even start a phone call when the form is submitted. It uses advanced rules to distribute and qualify all the leads in real-time to the correct people. It also helps in boosting the growth of the company by making the service totally hassle-free.

You could book the appointments, generate automated schedules and manage the payment processing with the Timely software. It comes with multi-location appointment booking to give a user-friendly experience to the clients. Manage the calendar, meeting room bookings, and online scheduling with Timely. Also, conduct group scheduling, employee scheduling, and automated scheduling.