Gillian Anderson Shows Off Her Washboard Abs In An Olive Green And Pink Bikini

Gillian Anderson in bikini

October 11th, 2017   |   Updated on March 28th, 2024

Gillian Anderson looked very relaxed as she swam in the Mediterranean sea on a romantic boat trip with her boyfriend Peter Morgan. The star of The Fall showed off her washboard abs in the olive green and pink swimwear as she enjoyed the balmy climes of the Italian Riviera.

Gillian’s strapless bikini top was gathered together in the middle, and featured a scalloped finish

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The actress took a dip in the sea with her boyfriend Peter Morgan and sat cross-legged on the side of the boat as they took in the picturesque views

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Gillian put on a pair of goggles and leaped off the side of the boat as she went for a swim in the Mediterranean sea

gillian anderson bikini


Gillian entered the water in a graceful arc as she took part in her character Stella Gibson’s favourite hobby

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Gillian’s boyfriend Peter sat in the front seat of the boat as the actress peered at her phone and lounged on a beach towel

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Gillian enjoyed the company of her playwright boyfriend as they sat on a boat by the Portofino cliff face



The couple watched a group of swimmers pass by as they were taken on a boat trip on the Italian Riviera

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The contented couple stretched out as they took a romantic boat trip to see Christ of the Abyss, a statue of Jesus which is found underwater

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Gillian completed her holiday look with a pair of cork wedge sandals and a studded black bag

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As the couple mounted the steps to a restaurant, Gillian stopped to take a picture of writer Peter

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After their boat trip, the pair ate lunch at a restaurant on the cliff face, which looked out towards the sea

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The pair sat and ate lunch as the actress’s wet hair dried after her dip in the Mediterranean sea

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Gillian smiled at Peter as the pair chatted among bunches of flowers as they waited for their food

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The playwright and creator of The Crown strained as he captured the perfect shot of Gillian enjoying her meal

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source : dailymail.co.uk