20 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend In A Fight

10 Things You Should Never, Ever Say In a Fight With Your Girlfriend or Wife

March 1st, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

At times, women can get a little overboard with emotions or forget how to use voice modulations while they are up for some heated conversation. Not that it is only women who are difficult to control during an argument, but most often women are more sensitive and serious than men, and therefore, what you say to them is very important.

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Guys, during an argument with your lady, you must be careful with your words! So, here are 10 things you should definitely avoid saying to her when you are arguing.

1. “You’re always on my back.”

Stating ‘always’ or ‘never’ is untrue and will often derail the topic of discussion. Saying such a thing takes away all the good things she has done for you.

2. “This is your fault.”

Fault in a relationship is not a one-sided affair. It always comes from both directions. This will escalate the matter further.

3. “I don’t need you.”

Telling your girlfriend that you don’t need her will make teh matter worse. She will remeber this fir a long time after the crisis is over.


Things You Should Never Say

When you sense an argument brewing, your instinct may be to avoid conflict by bowing out early.


Things You Should Never Say

This sends the message that your partner’s perspective isn’t valid.


Things You Should Never Say

Check your sarcasm during a disagreement.


Things You Should Never Say

Kicking off a complaint with “you always” or “you never” puts the other person on the defensive, and it’s rarely accurate.


Things You Should Never Say

Needless to say, this blithe phrase usually has the exact opposite effect.

9. “BUT…”

Things You Should Never Say

By definition, this overrides whatever your partner just said.


Things You Should Never Say

Fighting is stressful, and it’s totally understandable if one of you needs a breather. But when tempers are flaring, you can’t simply shut down the discussion.

11. “YOU’RE SUCH A #$%*&!”

Things You Should Never Say

Even when your partner is pushing every button you have, resist the urge to prey on her insecurities.


Things You Should Never Say

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be effortless, right? Maybe in the movies, but real-life relationships take work.


things never say in a fight

Hinting at a breakup can chip away at trust, especially if you bring up The End every time you’re angry.


Saying ‘shut up’ is highly aggressive. ‘Can you please be quiet?’ is a better option.

15. You’re Not My Mom

The last person your partner wants to be compared to is your parent. Her feelings will likely be hurt.

16. You’re Pathetic

You should always avoid labeling your partner when you’re dissatisfied When we label a person, they get defensive right away.

17. ‘You never take me out anymore’

Phrases like this set you and your partner up for a loss of trust. You should even avoid saying “I will always be here for you,” or “I will never lie to you” in a heated argument.

18. We should break up

You don’t know where the relationship is going, at least, not in the midst of a fight. So, don’t say something that will seal the fate of your relationship in a minute.

19. ‘You always do this.’

Every fight is different from the past one. Even a minor difference is a difference. If you say this, you’re essentially bringing up all of those older fights that you both had amicably resolved.

20. ‘Why don’t you go back to your ex?’

Never talk about ex in a fight. All of a sudden, you will come across as an insecure person.

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