What Does It Mean To Be A Godparent At A Catholic Baptism?

Catholic Baptism

Published on October 10th, 2018

The principal duty of a Godparent is to offer witness to the Catholic faith by his or her actions and words. The responsibility is to present the infant for baptism.

As a Godparent, you also assist the child to live a Christian life that befits the baptized and devotedly to accomplish the duties inherent in baptism.

Once required to profess the Catholic beliefs on behalf of the kid, the Godparent must believe in anything that he or she is professing.

A Godparent is expected to attend church services every Sunday and all holy days. A Godparent is a person who will help the parents of the child in bringing you the kid in the Catholic faith.

The church sensibly expects both the parents and Godparents to assist the kid to live a Christian life in harmony with baptism. Baptism is based on the faith of the church, expressed by parents and Godparent.

For this reason, it is necessary that the kids live according to what they believe.

The real work of a Godparent starts once the kid has been baptized. Apart from the Godparent sending gifts for Christmas and birthdays, they will also continue to pray for the kid and keeping in with them and their family.

They can also get baptism gifts for godmother that can be presented to the kid during the baptism anniversary and every sacramental milestone in the life of the kid.

A good Godparent should guide the child and make sure he or leads a Christian lifestyle. They must support the kid’s parents in their responsibility as Christian parents and primary educators of their kid.

1. How To Qualify As A Godparent


The role of Godparent is to give out the kid for baptism and to assist the kids to lead a Christian life befitting the baptized. Here are some of the requirements.

One Catholic Godparent of either gender is enough but there can be two as well, one of each gender. One child cannot have more than two Godparents nor have two Godparents of the same sex.

Godparents must be chosen by the parents of the kid to be baptized and should be willing and ready to offer spiritual guidance to the kid.

A Godparent should be more than 16 years of age unless the parish priest decided that there is a good reason for an exception to be made.

A Godparent should be fully initiated Catholic who has participated in baptism, Eucharistic and sacrament of confirmation and must practice their faith.

The person anointed to be a Godparent should not be serving any canonical penalty. Additionally, a Godparent should be married legally as per the laws and doctrines of the Catholic Church.

A Godparent is expected to be an active and registered member of a Parish and must be registered under their name at a Catholic church if he or she is over 18 years.

Even though parents are allowed to get two catholic Godparents, the church requires one. A non-Catholic who are already baptized can act as a witness to the event provided a Catholic Godparent is there.

A non-Catholic must be an active member in his or her church. The restriction ensures that the person chosen as a Godparent will be able to represent affirm to the beliefs of the Catholic church, the community of faith where the child is baptized.

A Godparent is expected to be a model, a guide and a witness for your kid as he or she continues to grow in Christian faith.

It is advisable that a Godparent stays near to the family such that she or he will be able to visit the kid regularly. Before a parent invites someone to act as the Godparent of their kid, they are encouraged to spend time playing and asking for wisdom and guidance from God.

On the day when the kid is baptized, the Godparent is asked if he or she is willing to help the parents in guiding and taking care of the kid in the practice of Christian faith.

However, the role of a Godparent is not restricted to the baptismal day. The Catholic church requires the Godparent to participate in the life of the kid actively.

Frequent participation in the Church Eucharist is the foundation in the lives of Catholics and is the center of the believer’s lives. A Godparent is supposed to model what it entails to have a Catholic Christian life.


2. Tips To Help In Your Duties As A Godparent


  • Make sure you play for your Godchild every time
  • Visit the child regularly
  • Start a sacramental scrapbook for the kid, and work it together later
  • Compose a letter to the kid opening up how you felt when he or she was being baptized and keep it safe until the kid is old.
  • Visit or send a message on the anniversary date of your Godchild
  • A Godparent should attend the Sunday liturgy and other liturgical ceremonies with his or her Godchild.
  • It is imperative for the Godmother or Godfather to continue nurturing his or her faith in Christ hence participating in retreats such as special workshops and presentation.

Godparents who live far country might not be present during the giving of the sacrament, but they should be there during the clerical ordination. However, even in the long distance, the Godparents should remember upholding to their duties by praying and fasting for the child. Additionally, they must send letters and cards frequently to strengthen the relationship with their Godchild.


3. Certificate Of Eligibility


The Catholic Church requires all individual who aspires to be Godparents to have certification of eligibility for them to qualify. Here are some of the conditions.

  • Interest persons must be registered member at the cathedral at least 90 days before applying for the certificate. In case the person is newly registered, a recommendation letter from their previous priest indicating they are Catholic is required.
  • The person must be participating in the parish life through taking part in parish ministry
  • The person should be available in weekly mass at the cathedral every Sunday morning

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