Going To Nassau On Vacation? Here’s A Few Things You Should Know

Going To Nassau On Vacation

March 4th, 2018   |   Updated on April 4th, 2018

So you’ve decided to go to Nassau on your vacation, and you’ve no doubt already booked your Nassau vacation rentals, but there are a few things that you may wish to know before you leave.

Don’t Worry about Calling Home

A lot of people like to call home while they’re on vacation, even though it can be quite expensive. The great news is that thanks to the amount of Wi-Fi that’s available in Nassau, you can still call home, but you won’t need to worry about the cost. Take your phone with you on vacation and download an app that allows you to video call and text your friends and family for free.

Of course, if you need to you can always make a phone call from your hotel or villa, but there may be a charge. So, save your money, download an app, and show off your posh accommodation and the beautiful beaches to those back home!

1. Nassau can be Expensive

Nassau can be an expensive place to vacation, in fact, The Bahamas is considered the third most expensive place to visit in the world. However, you won’t be paying out an extra bit of cash for nothing as you will be treated like a king or queen. While prices may be high, the service you get in a hotel or villa complex is likely to be second to none, as is the service you’ll get in a restaurant or a café. If you love nothing more than to be treated like royalty, you need to go on vacation to Nassau!


2. You will need to take an Adaptor with you

If you tend to travel quite a lot you will no doubt be aware that you need to take an adaptor with you to certain destinations. When travelling to Nassau, or anywhere in The Bahamas you will need to take an adaptor that’s compatible with outlets in North America. If you’re not sure that you’ll need an adaptor, think about the electrical items you usually use at home and determine whether you’ll use them when you’re on vacation. If you think you will, you’ll need to take an adaptor with you. My advice is to buy one before you leave as they can be quite pricey if you purchase them in Nassau.


3. Pirates Called Nassau Their Home

The beautiful crystal clear waters and white beaches may draw thousands of people to Nassau every year, but did you know that in the 1600’s and 1700’s the area was home to pirates? The shallow waters were ideal for landing ships and pirates such as Blackbeard used the waters to his advantage. For 11 long years, Blackbeard was appointed as the magistrate of the ‘Pirates Republic’ and wrought havoc on the local area. If you want to learn more about the pirates who called Nassau their home, why not visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum?

4. You can take a Trip to the Island of Iguanas

You really can take a trip to an island that is home to iguanas. The White Cay Rock iguanas are an endangered species, and they live on the uninhabited island known as White Cay, which is also called ‘Sandy Cay’. The iguanas on the island seem very friendly, and they are likely to greet you as you jump off a tour boat, and offer them a snack or two. Although the iguanas are friendly, they can also be quite shy and don’t mind running away from anyone who moves a little too quickly for their liking.


5. Drive on the Left

If you’re going to be hiring a car, scooter, or moped, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’ll have to drive on the right-hand side of the road. In fact, in The Bahamas, they drive on the left-hand side, which is great for anyone visiting from the UK.


6. Prove you have a Return Ticket

Chances are that when you arrive in Nassau, you may be asked to prove that you have a return ticket home. This is just a random check that the local customs officials like to carry out, so don’t take it personally. Believe me when I say that some people never want to go home, and who can blame them? Nassau is an incredibly beautiful place, and it is the real definition of paradise. So, take your return ticket with you, rather than waiting ‘til you get to Nassau to buy one, and be prepared to show it if you’re asked to.

7. Nassau is Perfect for Foodies

If you’re a bit of a foodie you’re going to love your time in Nassau. jam-packed full of casual and upmarket restaurants there is certainly no shortage of places to eat. Many restaurants can be found inside hotels, and the good news is they are open to everyone. However, you should try some local dishes when you get the chance and get a real taste of The Bahamas. Alternatively, you may want to head to the docks and sample some homemade salads and fritters as they’re usually quite cheap, and very tasty!

Nassau is Perfect for Foodies

If you are heading to Nassau for your vacation you’re in for a real treat. Although this part of the world can be quite expensive, you are guaranteed to have a great time. With high-quality service no matter where you are, and with more than enough eateries to choose from, you are no doubt even keener to get on board a plane and head to Nassau, one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.