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Google Photos Introduces Photo Stack

Published on November 17th, 2023

5 Important Takeaways: Google Photos Introduces Photo Stack

  • Purpose of Photo Stack
  • Useful for Burst Photos
  • Clutter-Free Main Feed
  • Grouping Mechanism
  • Automated Selection and Deletion

The Photo Stack feature in Google Photos is designed to automatically organize multiple similar photos that were taken in succession into a single, easily manageable group.

This proves particularly useful for users who frequently capture several shots at once, such as when taking selfies or group photos.

By grouping these similar images into a stack, the main photo feed is kept clutter-free, avoiding an influx of nearly identical pictures.

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The feature is illustrated by a screenshot depicting five images within a Photo Stack.

While the information provided does not specify the maximum number of similar pictures that can be stacked together, it implies that Photo Stack is capable of grouping a series of shots for efficient organization.

One noteworthy aspect of Photo Stack is its speculated functionality to assist users in selecting the best image from a stack.

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Instead of manually sifting through multiple similar photos, users may have the option to choose the preferred shot, and Photo Stack could automatically delete the remaining images within that particular stack.

This automation adds a layer of convenience, streamlining the process of managing and selecting the best shots among a series of similar photos.

Feature Image Source: Google Photo