Google Photos Introduces Video Creation Via User Instructions

Google Photos Introduces Video Creation

Published on October 27th, 2023

Google Photos is introducing a new AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating videos from your photo and video collection.

This feature allows users to select specific people, places, and activities they want to highlight in their video, eliminating the need for manual editing.

The AI algorithm takes these selections and automatically generates a Highlight Video.

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To utilize this feature, users need to open the Google Photos app on their Android or iOS device.

Once in the app, they should tap on the plus icon located at the top of their gallery and select “Highlight Video.”

From there, users can employ the search function within Google Photos to start picking the elements they want to include in their videos.

Google Photos’ AI algorithms then analyze the selections and choose the most suitable video clips and photos.

The system also adds background music and synchronizes the video with the chosen music, creating a seamless and engaging video presentation.

Google Photos is introducing a new AI-powered tool

For further personalization, users have the option to trim or rearrange the clips selected by Google Photos.

Additionally, they can change the background music to a track of their preference if they are not satisfied with the AI’s choice.

Highlight Video is now rolling out on the Android and iOS versions of Google Photos.

However, it’s important to note that the availability may vary by region and device.

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As of the time of writing, some devices, such as the Google Pixel 8 and 7 series, had not yet received the update.

In addition to Highlight Video, Google is enhancing its Photos app by adding a new entry point at the top of the interface.

This entry point offers a range of creative options, including the ability to create new albums, collages, highlight videos, Cinematic photos, and animations, giving users more ways to express themselves and curate their photo and video collections.

Image Source: Daniel Romero