Google Rolls Out Photomoji In Messages!

Google Rolls Out Photomoji In Messages

Published on December 11th, 2023

Here are 5 takeaways: Google Rolls Out Photomoji

  • Photomoji Feature Introduction
  • Rollout to Beta Testers
  • Accessibility in Messaging Interface
  • Automated Photo-to-Emoji Conversion
  • Usage and Storage of Photomoji Creations

Google recently unveiled several new features for its messaging app on Android, and one notable addition is the image clipping functionality, a feature already present in Apple and Samsung messaging apps.

The Photomoji feature is now in the process of rolling out to users participating in the Google Messages beta tester program.

As reported by 9to5Google, the Photomoji feature allows users to transform their favorite photos into expressive reactions.

Users can identify the availability of this new functionality by spotting a circular badge over the emoji button within the compose field.

Photomoji is designed to be accessible in both the emoji picker and the emoji bar that appears upon long-pressing a text message.

Upon selecting the “Create” option, users are directed to the media picker, where they can choose a photo to quickly convert into an emoji.

Notably, the process seems to be automated, with no manual circling of objects required.

Once the custom emoji is generated, users can use it to react to messages or send it as a sticker.

Additionally, there will be a dedicated custom tab next to the emoji tab, serving as a storage space for these creations as well as those from friends.

The rollout of Photomoji is currently underway for Google Messages beta testers.

If you’re a beta tester and haven’t seen it yet, there’s no need to worry, as the feature is expected to become available gradually to all testers over time.

Feature Image Source: wu yi