4 Tips To Having A Great Time In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, USA

February 7th, 2019   |   Updated on June 6th, 2022

If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time, you are about to experience several unforgettable restaurants, fabulous shows, shopping, and attractions that will run you from mild to wild. This article prepares a list of tips you need to maximize your fun, avoid delays, and unnecessary expenses. Follow these four tips to having a great time in Las Vegas.

Travel To Las Vegas To Have A Great Time

1. Distances Are Further Than They Appear

Buildings in Las Vegas are so close together, such that the distance between two places seems close. However, you may wear your walking shoes trying to walk from one block to another.

Always use walkways inside and outside the casinos, trams, and the Las Vegas Monorail to get where you want to go more quickly. For instance, you can walk in air-conditioned comfort from Bally’s to Paris, or Bellagio to Vdara.


2. Plan Your Tour

Las Vegas Strip

Like all new travels, you will get the most out of your Las Vegas trip if you familiarize with your surroundings first. After checking in, walk around your hotel and casino.

Note the location of the vending machines, restaurants, restrooms, and seating areas. Know where to get your vacation supplies such as the Thrive Nevada Las Vegas if you love marijuana. Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by only seeing the sights.

You can also hop on a Big Bus and enjoy a narrated tour of the city to get some insider’s knowledge. Stay on the bus for the entire journey since there are over 20 stops and you can note the must-visit places.

Do not wonder how you will get back to your hotel since you can always get back on any bus within a 24- or 48-hour period depending on the tour length you choose.


3. Always Carry A Light Jacket, Water, And Sunscreen

Las Vegas travel

Bringing a light jacket may sound odd. However, in the middle of summer, always bring a light jacket or a wrap. The outside may be scorching, but casinos overcompensate the heat by blasting the AC thus chilling the atmosphere.

If you forget to carry a cover, you do not want to go out without water and sunscreen. You will get dehydrated due to the much walking involved on the strips.

You must keep your fluids up so that you can make the most of every day and night. Even in the fall or winter, the sun still shines brightly.


4. Take Gambling Lessons

The Las Vegas Strip

Most people who visit Las Vegas may feel intimidated by poker, blackjack, baccarat, and other table games. You can always find out whether gambling is for you by visiting the free gambling lessons hosted by Las Vegas Casinos.

The lessons will teach you the rules of the games and pick up crucial things such as dealer-speak, where to sit at a table and more. Before you go gambling, you can also go online and learn some gambling basics.

When you go to Las Vas, you are visiting the adult paradise. You have to be open-minded to discover new things you have never experienced before. Now you can have an awesome vacation and remember that you never know what you will encounter on a Las Vegas Strip.