12 Essentials You Should Pack In Your Purse For Your Halloween One Night Stand

Halloween Party Games

October 25th, 2017   |   Updated on July 8th, 2022

Halloween is literally around the corner. We know you gals are going to run around your city with props in your hands to match your costumes, but there are also a few other things you shouldn’t leave home without.

Because Halloween also happens to be the most convenient holiday to find a one-night stand.

So, ladies, here are 12 essentials you should bring out with you this Halloween.

1. Travel-Sized Dry Shampoo, $19.99


A dry shampoo that absorbs oil, sweat, and odor for ultra-clean hair, plus a time-release fragrance that delivers a light, clean scent all day. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo contains fast-absorbing powders that soak up oil and sweat. Great for all hair types and colors, a patented OFPMA molecule reduces the surface friction on hair leaving virtually no visible residue or powdery build-up making it easy to remove the powder. Odor neutralizers eliminate unwanted smells, and a time.


2. Retractable Hairbrush And Mirror, $9.60


Babila introduces Fine Beauty Exclusive Collection of Hair Care Brushes. Compact Hair Brush is made for medium to normal hair. The highest quality bristle are to smooth and straighten even thick hair while rounded tips massage the scalp. The product in display is made from ABS and is finished in an attractive set of colors. Furthermore, this product does not require batteries for operation and is suggested to be kept away from corrosive liquids, extreme heat and fire to avoid damage.

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3. Rollerball Perfume, $19.61


Marc Jacobs EDP Roller-ball by Marc Jacobs 10ml/0.34fl New In Box.


4. Condoms


Great for trying new condoms or for those who are new to using condoms and want to find the right ones. 


5. Feminine Wipes, $4.73


Designed to help wipe away odor-causing bacteria, Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths are a quick, discreet way to freshen up when you’re on the go, which is probably most of the time. Stash them in your purse or gym bag, and use them when you’re pressed for time or don’t have time to shower. Our Cleansing Cloths are dermatologist and gynecologist tested, and the gentle hypoallergenic formula won’t irritate your skin. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths are available in three scents, and come individually wrapped or in a secure soft pack for discreet and convenient use.

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6. Make-Up Remover, $59.99


A lightweight makeup remover that quickly dissolves tenacious eye and face makeup and sunscreens.


7. A Mini-Flask, $8.99


Stainless steel black mini flask with decorative image. Clip on keychain attached to cap. Easily fits into pockets & purse to deliver liquid courage. Screw off cap. Capacity:

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8. Mini-Deodorant, $8


Finally, a natural deodorant that works. Get superior odor protection with this 100 percent natural, freshly scented deodorant. Soothing essential oils blend with beta-glucan technology fight odor effectively while soothing, conditioning. 

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9. One Of The Smallest And Lightest 10000mAh External Batterie, $25.99

External Batteries

PowerCore 10000 is incredibly small and light for its large capacity. It’s smaller than a deck of cards and as light as a baseball, but can charge a phone over three times and most tablets once.  Anker PowerCore 10000, One of the Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact, High-speed Charging Technology Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More.


10. Ballet Flats, $14.99

The Fix Women's Sloan Tab Elasticated Ballet Flat

The Fix believes that a girl can never have too many shoes, bags, or Instagram followers, which is why our collection of lust-worthy shoes and handbags is designed for the truly shopping obsessed. From strappy sandals to block heel pumps, our on-trend flats, fashion sneakers, boots, and booties pair luxe materials with thoughtful embellishments for eye-catching results. The Fix’s array of wristlets, clutches, backpacks, and cross-body handbags is equally chic, making it almost too easy to treat yourself to something stylish.


11. Leggings, $17.99


Machine Washable (Recommended Hand Wash) A matt finish remedies bodys shortcomings as well as make body-lines up While work out, it provides comport wearing sensation and maintain ones body heat with excellent breathable function.


12. Blowfish, $11.99


Blowfish is a new over-the-counter drug specifically designed to treat the major symptoms of a hangover, with effervescent tablets that are dissolved in water and taken the morning after a big night out. Blowfish treats your headache and gets you up and moving on those rough mornings. The effervescent delivery system helps rehydrate, and works fast because the ingredients are already dissolved. Each dose of Blowfish contains 1000 mg of aspirin (a maximum-strength dose) and 120 mg of caffeine (about as much as a cup of coffee).


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