How These Seductive Halloween Suits Will Melt Your Girl’s Heart


October 22nd, 2016   |   Updated on July 20th, 2022

Why should girls have all the fun? And that too with their Halloween costumes?

Well guys, we have some GREAT NEWS for you. This year, tables have turned, and we, men, have suits.That’s right: SUITS. Striking, seductive suits.

And, this year’s Halloween belongs to boys.

1. The Haunting Hombre


Rumor has it that the hypnotizing red eyes of the haunting hombre can look into the soul of every man. But who cares, everything is on Facebook anyway. Wear this day of the dead suit during your nightly Halloween adventures and never mind all those people staring at you.


2. The Black-O Jack-O


Dress up for a good time with this Black-O Jack-O Men’s Opposuit. It is both fun and fashionable to wear when attending various Halloween events and parties.

3. Bloody Harry


This Halloween outfit from OppoSuits is bloody as hell and will send shivers down your spine. Whether it’s Patrick bateman or Dexter Morgan, most psychopaths would probably kill for this suit.

4. Forum Novelties Men’s Pumpkin Suit and Tie Costume


Pumpackin suit costume includes jacket, tie, and pants with orange jack-o-lantern print on a black background. For more than 30 years, Forum Novelties has been a leader in the costume industry, as well as the joke, trick, magic, and novelty gift item business. Forum offers over 8,000 items to choose from, ranging from baby costumes, to adult and plus-size costumes, to pet costumes.


5. OppoSuits Men’s The Rudolpoh Party Costume Suit


BOOOM!! This suit is the bomb! Other words just don’t do it justice. Badaboom is perfect for that bit of comic relief at your next formal black tie event. WOWSERS!! Includes jacket, tie and pants.



6. Stag Suits Men’s Rainbow Circles Pattern Suit


Stag Suits offers a unbelievable range of Mens Suits that are designed exclusively in-house, to ensure you are the one in the limelight at the next party! Available in a number of eye-catching prints, this party wear definitely is not for the faint-hearted!


7. El Muerto


This Men’s OppoSuits El Muerto Suit is perfect for your office Halloween party! – Jacket – Pants – Tie.


8. Opposuits mens Men’s OppoSuits Zombiac Suit


It’s costume time and they’re trying to make you give up the suit to wear some tacky zombie costume. Are you going to let them get away with that? Some guys just need to wear the suit. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. This Men’s OppoSuits Zombiac Suit combines the gory look of a zombie, with the class of a suit, so you can celebrate the scary season AND you can keep the suit, so your friends will stop bothering you to wear that dreadful zombie costume they have picked out for you.

9. OppoSuits Men’s Tashtastic Party Costume Suit


The moustache is back in fashion opposites is a big fan of a bit of facial hair on the upper lip (of a guy, we’re not too sure about girls with a tash) and to declare our love we have designed tashtastic. This awesome suit, a real opposites classic in black and white, comes with the tie.

10. You Look Ugly Today Men’s Party Costume


Get heads turning this Christmas by donning this party suit and add that boost to your Christmas parties.These unique, lively designed suits will get you and your friends into that festive feel and is sure to make this party season more memorable. Our suits come in two designs bold blue with Fairisle Pattern and roaring red with Christmas pattern.


Happy Halloween, Dudes!


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