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Hamburg Stag Do Weekend – The Floating Party Of Sin

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Published on December 18th, 2018

It should not come as surprise to you that today Hamburg is hosting some of the most provocative parties in Europe. The second largest city in Germany is also home to the place that has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined.

It is really challenging to draw the line where options to have fun start and end here since Hamburg is also home to the second largest Red light district in the world called Reeperbahn. Stay with us to read more about how to spend both luxurious and low budget vacation in Germany’s most prosperous travel hotspot.

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It should not come as a surprise to you that most men chose Hamburg stag do weekend for unforgettable fun before the wedding night. Since this city is not only the home of Reeperbahn but also the most flourishing clubbing scene in Germany. Ever since Hamburg became an international commercial hub the city officials strived to expand the party possibilities on the next level.

Underground and above ground, trendy and alternative, the possibilities are practically endless since the fun usually starts on Thursday and ends up in morning hours of Monday. The place is filled with day and nighttime activities unique to this city and regardless of your choice, there will always be something left undone. Daytime usually starts in charming cruizes along Hamburg’s canals that will be perfect opportunity to get in touch with cities charm.

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This city founded in ancient times hides some of the most preserved architectural surroundings that Germany has to offer. Plan your day with German precision so you don’t miss the opportunity to capture all breathtaking sights that will remain with you forever. There are many open cafes and restaurants hiding around every corner that also serve traditional German dishes.

When the sun sets the Hamburgs true identity is reviled. Much of party euphoria is concentrated around St. Pauli district. Miles and miles of pubs and clubs around that district is what makes the body of Hamburg’s nightlife.

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The crown jewel of all possibilities is undoubtedly the Reeperbahn. Millions of curious man and women for all around the world visit this attraction each year in hope for some of that naughty time. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to you that most of the nighttime in Hamburg ends here.

Some of the most provocative and luxurious clubs in Central Europe can be found here. They are home to ever-increasing number of world most famous DJs. Not only DJs but also numerous live performances as well as festivals that happen throughout the whole year.

Hamburg Stag Do Weekend

It is wise to point out that Hamburg is not a budget travellers dream. Price of accommodation is slightly bigger then what can be found in most cities of EU and one needs to understand that he is about to meet the Europes richest country. This shouldn’t discourage if you planned a low-budget visit to Germany since there are many possibilities to enjoy your visit to Hamburg especially designed for you.

Just to take a cruize along Hamburg’s canals can be a life-changing experience. It doesn’t cost alot and for all what is worth the sheer culture shock you are about to witness will make you fall in love with Germany for the rest of your life.