The Top 5 Harmful Side Effects To Avoid In 2018

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August 6th, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2020

Medicines of all kinds, including prescription medicines, herbal medicines, and even over-the-counter medicines can cause harmful side effects. Taking prescription medicines with health supplements at the same time may bring adverse effects on a person’s health.

The active ingredients in these medicines may not be complementing each other but may clash, inducing side effects detrimental to the body. If you need to take prescription drugs and unsure of its side effects, you can consult the doctor. Discussed below are harmful side effects caused by five drugs when not taken in proper dosages.


1. Heroin Side Effects

Harmful Side Effects To Avoid In 2018

Heroin is akin to prescription opioids which are prescription drugs used to treat moderate to severe pain. They contain chemicals which can relax the body and reduce the feelings of pain.

Because of the chemical similarity of heroin to prescription opioids, people who take prescription painkillers resort to using heroin because it is more affordable and easy to find. The relief from pain that one gets from heroin is addicting, that is why people who just need to be relieved from pain crave for the drug more.

This is where the heroin side effects come in. A person who uses heroin loses appetite thus losing a significant amount of weight. Heroin users may exhibit unexpected mood changes and may hurt themselves intentionally so they can have pain medication. Heroin addiction may cause a person to lose family, friends or even a life.


2. Fentanyl Side Effects

Harmful Side Effects To Avoid In 2018

Fentanyl is a prescription opioid painkiller which is used to treat severe pain when other opioids are ineffective. It is so potent a drug that doctors reserve it for patients who have terminal cancer or severe non-cancer pains. Too much use of this drug can cause euphoria and is equally as dangerous as heroin.

Fentanyl can be used as a transdermal patch, can be taken orally or injected. And since it is easy to use, it is no wonder that people using it can get addicted. Many have died from fentanyl overdose which was preceded by addiction to this narcotic drug.


3. Morphine Side Effects

Harmful Side Effects To Avoid In 2018

Morphine, one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs started out as a substitute in the treatment of opium addiction which later turned out to be more addictive. Morphine calms the central nervous system and gives a sense of pleasure and calm that is why it is prescribed for cancer-related pain and used after major surgeries.

This opioid drug is also highly addicting because it is readily available. The side effects of this drug are changes in priorities and interests, isolation, and euphoria, among others. The physical manifestation of morphine addiction includes rashes on certain parts of the body, lips and fingernails turning blue and gray complexion.


4. Meth Side Effects

Harmful Side Effects To Avoid In 2018

Meth or Methamphetamine was originally prescribed as a decongestant, aid for weight loss and antidepressant and was legally available as tablet or injectable. Meth is addictive because of the euphoria it brings even after only one dose and can keep a person come back for more.

Its harmful side effects include rewiring of the brain making it meth-dependent, hallucinations and may cause self-harm. Meth addicts may also experience seizures, paranoia, and irritability as short-term side effects. Prolonged addiction to meth may lead to brain damage, heart infections, and weak immune system.


5. Cocaine Side Effects

Harmful Side Effects To Avoid In 2018

Considered as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, cocaine is used recreationally due to its euphoric effects. It can be ingested through smoking, injection, swallowed or rubbed into the gums. It was initially used as a surgical anesthetic in the medical field.

It became a party drug but was eventually banned when the people became aware of the dangers it poses. The side effects of cocaine addiction include loss of appetite, irritability, short attention span, anxiety, and lethargy. A chemical imbalance in the brain causes a person addicted to cocaine to have extreme mood swings and become unrecognizable to the person you know.

Drugs are made to relieve pain and should have no other use than that. Usually, anything that is taken in excess has no positive effect and can do more harm instead. When taking drugs, think of the cure it gives not the result you may get on the sides.

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