21 Heartwarming Mementos Given To Fathers By Their Children

Heartwarming Mementos

June 9th, 2017   |   Updated on March 2nd, 2024

Father’s day 2017 is on Sunday. It’s time to show your gratitude for the HERO of your life. Have you said thank-you to him to show how grateful you are for him today?

We have curated a few heartwarming mementos given to fathers by their children. You can try one to express your gratitude to your dearest ‘Pa’.

1. Because he was always ahead of the curve.

father day letters


2. Because sometimes, the way to a dad’s heart is complimenting a mom…love your dad quotes

3. …and sometimes it isn’t.

you will be a great father quotes


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4. Because your dad doesn’t read Facebook.

fathers day msgs


5. Because you can’t ask your dad for money all the time

happy fathers day quote from a daughter


6. Because sometimes you just need to be literal.

fathers day happy


7. Because “in-law” gets a bad rap.

what to say to dad on father's day


8. Because a good dad joke is always a good idea.

fathers day qoute


9. Because humility was never really your thing.

fathers day thoughts


10. Because it’s good to be honest.

to my dad on father's day


11. Because sometimes simple is best.

message for father's day from son


12. Father’s Day Letter From My Daughter


Father's Day letter from my daughter
13. Father’s Day Photo


14. Fathers Day Suprise Letter


15. 6 Year Old Niece Apolline Wrote This Lovely Letter

16. Precious Fathers Day letter


17. Cappuccino Queen’s Father’s Day Letter

18. Letters For Father From Daughter


19. Father Day Letters From Daughter

20. 4 DAD


21. Letter For No.1 #DAD



Father’s Day Smiles Delivered By Their Kids

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