30 Hilarious Dog Pictures Who’ve Been Caught In The Act

30 Hilarious Dog Pictures Who’ve Been Caught In The Act

Published on November 11th, 2017

When it comes to comical pets, cats certainly tend to steal the internet ratings.But a dog’s humour is not to be underestimated. Dogs always make the days better with their affection and little silly gestures. Being a dos owner is sometimes frustrating but it always feels great the moment you come home to an eager dog waiting to greet you.

Here are 30 hilarious photos of dogs that will definitely make your day!

1. Kittens Are Scary


2. This Jumping, Wall Climbing Sheep Is Freaking Otis Out


3. Dog Afraid Of Julia Roberts


4. Roomba, The Nope Of Dog World


5. Hold Me, I’m Scared!


6. Dog And Kitten Afraid Of Thunder


7. My Dog Is Afraid Of Rain. Even When It’s Only Drizzling, She Pretends That We’re Not At Our Destination Yet


8. Someone’s Afraid To Leave The Carpet


9. Our Pit Bull Queso Deals With His Fear Of Walking Into A Room By Walking In Backwards


10. She Saw A Mouse


11. Oh F**k, A Mouse!


12. You Said We Were Going To The Park. Liar!


13. What The Duck Is Going On Here


14. Well It Turned Out The Dog Was Afraid Of The Cat And She Climbed On The Corner Of The Sofa And Refused To Even Look At Him


15. Pugs On Pugs On Pugs


16. Puppysitting This Lil Girl. She Is Scared Of The Lawnmower


17. Harvested This Giant Zucchini, Frightened Corgi’s For Scale


18. My Mom Got Pippin This New Giraffe Toy And He’s Terrified Of It I Can’t Breathe


19. My Female Friend Claims She’s A Great Driver, Her Dog Thinks Otherwise


20. My Dog Thinks This Is The Safest Place When The Vacuum Is Running


21. This Pup Enjoying The Little Things In Life.


22. This Dog Who Believes In The Good In People.


23. This Fancy Little Derp.



24. This Dog With His Great Comedic Placement.


25.  This Guy Who Chose The Least Comfortable Way To Sleep But Is Making It Work.


26. This Dude Who Made Some Mistakes And Is Currently Regretting Them.


27. This Dog Who Would Very Much Like To Go On A Walk.


28. This Very Picky Eater.


29. This Dog Who Really Doesn’t Want To Leave Her Bag.


30. This Dalmatian Who Had A Run-in With Some Kids And Their Markers.