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26 Hilarious Video And Photo Proofs That Kids Are Just Drunk Adults

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Published on November 22nd, 2016

With the help of smartphones, these parents caught their little ones in hilarious acts. Kids seriously are just drunk adults.

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Here are 26 hilarious video and photo proofs that will show you that kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults.

1. Dancing in public is always a good act to enthral the audience.


2. Kids are oblivious of consequences.


3. Upside down in public.


4. Kids conduct themselves poorly in public.


5. Kids amaze you with their ingenious skills.



6. Menacing driving skill.


7. Seriously,  instead of mouth, noodles are all over their face.


8. Everyone loves this Queen .


9. You’ll laugh at basically anything. Right?

10. Absolutely no coordination.



11. No knowledge of lyrics? No Worries!


12. Kids have poor Impulse control.



13. Slay!


14. Revenge will come when you least expect it.


15. Babies shouldn’t be trusted around heavy equipment.



16. Where do babies come from?

17. They have no sense of shame.



18. Kids can fall asleep, no matter where they are.



19.  We need a refresher course on how food works…


20. Did she really just say that?


21. They constantly misjudge their strength and coordination.



22. The coordination isn’t there yet.


23. Kids are terrible at judging distances.



24. Let’s work on that whole “Standing Up” thing again.


25. The three guys you meet somewhere at pub.


26. They draw on others’ faces when they pass out.


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Source: buzzfeed.com, viralnova.com