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Hilariously Bizarre Photoshopped Models’ Photographs In Print


Published on September 21st, 2016

Flip through any magazine, and you’ll see gorgeous models and celebrities gracing the covers of magazines. You should not be surprised to know that all these gorgeous images are photoshopped, apart from the hard work of photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and, of course, fabulous clothes, who make them truly stunning in pictures.

Photoshop! Yeah, the useful photo-editing software that makes models on magazine covers a little bit slimmer or curvier.

At times though, flaws are missed and poor jobs are created with careless use of Photoshop. And, when designs are printed it leads to hilariously bizarre photographs, causing lot much embarrassment to photographers using Photoshop.

We’d like to show you such Photoshop flaws in models and celebrities photos appearing on magazine covers, which slipped out editors’ eyes.


In this Victoria’s Secret ad, her left bum cheek seems to have gone missing


American brand Ann Taylor didn’t realise that they managed to displace this model’s torso


OK Magazine completely got rid of a woman’s leg so that it looked like she lost a limb along with her weight


JC Penney didn’t realise that they had photoshopped their model’s finger so that it was unusually long


Stuff Magazine managed to completely get rid of a model’s second leg behind a surf board



Paris Hilton’s skin appears to be just a little too smooth on this front cover of Vanity Fair



Not only was Prince William, who is usually blonde, given dark brown hair – he was also given far more hair



Kristen Stewart, who appeared on the 2011 cover, appears to be missing her left forearm



Chrissy Teigen appears to be missing her nipples from the above GQ magazine cover



Another case of too-much-photoshop, Kate Winslet appears to have a flawlessly smooth face

Source: Daily Mail