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30 Hilariously Epic Fails GIFs That Will Make You ROFL

Gifs Falling

Published on September 16th, 2017

Everyone has seen some GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) images on the internet. The GIF fancy, formal name has been around for decades, and it was introduced by CompuServe way back in 1987 and went on to become one of the first image formats wildly popular on the web.

Several studies show that movement attracts human attention much faster than still images. That’s why it’s a good idea to grab your users attention instantly. Interestingly, GIFs are short, and that’s why they are more keen to watch it to the end than average video. It doesn’t require dedication.

Let’s take a peek at 35 hilariously epic fails GIFs:


1. Commitment fail

epic fails GIFs_v1


2. Running a little behind schedule?

epic fails GIFs_v2


3. Seriously? How?

epic fails GIFs_v3


4. Lets start with one…and work our way up

epic fails GIFs_v4


5. The practical application of momentum

epic fails GIFs_v5


6. Understanding of physics fail

epic fails GIFs_v6


7. Fail, fail, again

epic fails GIFs_v7


8. I don’t make this stuff up man

epic fails GIFs_v8
9. Watch bare skin get tasered in painful super slow motion
bare skin


10. We are truly sorry for your fail

epic fails GIFs_v10


11. Oh no he didn’t…he did.

epic fails GIFs_v11


12. Seeing people’s faces get blown by air in slow motion is hilariously absurd
blown by air


13. Stay in school kids

epic fails GIFs_v13


14. The treadmill was too slow anyway

epic fails GIFs_v14


15. The stairs just take too long

epic fails GIFs_v15


16. A really, really bad day. Really.

epic fails GIFs_v16


17. Watch a giant water balloon explode in slow motion with a man inside it
giant water balloon explode


18. He’ll figure it out…eventually

epic fails GIFs_v18


19. Oh sorry, didn’t see you face there

epic fails GIFs_v19


20. Spacing fail

epic fails GIFs_v20


21. Um…logic fail

epic fails GIFs_v21


22. There’s a reason for everything

epic fails GIFs_v22


 23. Mugger fail, like seriously…fail

epic fails GIFs_v24


24. Left, right, left, right, face…

epic fails GIFs_v25

25. His whole life was building up to this moment

epic fails GIFs_v26


26. Never accept a weird ball from a stranger

epic fails GIFs_v27


27. She got so close

epic fails GIFs_v28


28. Well, that escalated quickly.

epic fails GIFs_v29


29. Bloody kids

epic fails GIFs_v31


30. OK, that’s pretty mean (funny).

epic fails GIFs_v32

Source:list25.com, buzzfeed.com