Guideline To Place Himalayan Salt Lamp For Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Uses

Himalayan Salt Lamp

January 24th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

The Himalayas Mountains in Pakistan houses the second largest salt mine in the world after Canada. The rock crystals that are mined from the region are used in the creation of salt lamps. The salt lamps come in different shapes, sizes, and color. When buying slat lamps, homeowners have a lot of things that they have to check.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Buying a slat lamp as an accessory requires precision by the homeowner. Interior designers are experts that can help in selecting a suitable salt lamp for your house or office.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps have become popular among contemporary house owners due to the numerous benefits that come with them. The installation of pink salt lamps within a home requires proper planning.

For instance, if you are in need of buying a pink salt lamp for your house decoration, then you will need to identify the appropriate size that will help you in improving the outlook of your interior.

There are usually, different places where the salt lamps can be placed within a home or office. Knowing where you need to place your pink salt lamp can help you to transform your living space from the conventional to a modern look. Properly positioning your salt lamps in the house can make it look more flashy and trendy.

Where To Place The Salt Lamp In Your Home

Finding the right place to position your lamp can come in handy in transforming your interior space. Having the right design and professionals identifying the right positions for best Himalayan salt lamps uses to place the lamp can go a long way in modern homes. If you are struggling to identify where to place your newly bought salt lamp, you will find the following tips helpful in the long run.

Salt Lamps Can Be Used In The Bathroom

Bathroom spaces in modern houses are created to provide comfort to the users. There are shower enclosures, spas or bathtubs that are incorporated in the bathroom so that homeowners can live a luxurious lifestyle.

Placing pink salt lamp within the bathroom introduces elegance and trendiness within your bathroom. Ideally, when you place a pink salt lamp in the bathroom, it becomes warmer and more humid. The hygroscopic nature of salt lamps can be helpful in absorbing the dust particles that may be floating within the bathroom atmosphere.

This way you get to breathe clean air when you are in the bathroom. When placing the pink salt lamp in the bathroom, you should ensure that it is far from the bathroom accessories such as bathtubs, shower heads among others.

It is recommended that the pink salt lamp in the bathroom should be hung on the wall at a considerable distance from the ground. Placing it at a higher position makes it safer and cannot be knocked off by people while using the bathroom.

Although a small size salt lamp cannot provide enough lighting to be used in the bathroom, the heat emanating from the bulb within the crystal is useful in providing a warm environment in the bathroom space.

Salt Lamps On Nightstands

Nightstands mostly placed beside the bed holds many accessories that are essential to a homeowner. For instance, an alarm clock, a night light among other crucial accessories.

Mostly, they are placed on top of the night stand, and when the nightstand has drawers, the homeowner can place the accessories in them. The pink salt lamp can be placed on a nightstand if it has sufficient space on it.

When creating a nightstand for your house, you ought to get one that has enough surface area to hold more things including a pink salt lamp. When you place the lamp on your nightstand ensure that there is enough room for it.

If you squeeze too many accessories within a limited space, there is distortion, and the room may not look attractive.

If you have to place the pink salt lamp on your nightstand ensure you create sufficient space for it. Also, ensure that the power cable of the salt lamps is not hanging on the front side of the nightstand. This helps to reduce instances of accidents that may occur resulting in the pink salt lamp being knocked over.

Sometime, the pink salt lamp may have a wooden stand which you can tightly screw on the nightstand. This should, however, be done using the right tools to avoid destroying the aesthetic nature of the nightstand.

Salt Lamps On The Coffee Table

Have you always wanted to create a centerpiece of attraction on your coffee table? Having a pink salt lamp placed on the coffee table can be essential in creating elegance and displaying classiness within your home.

You do not need to be an expert to place the pink salt lamp strategically on a coffee table. When in need of decorating your coffee table, you should centrally place the pink salt lamp on it. Centrally placing it helps to avoid it being knocked over when the coffee table is being used.

However, interior designers recommend that when buying a pink salt lamp for your coffee table, you ought to ensure you select the right size. For a small coffee table, you should buy salt lamps of a similar size.

Buying an oversize pink salt lamp for your coffee table may not create an attractive view. Since you want the pink salt lamp to be a centerpiece of attraction on your coffee table, you need to select the right size.

Salt Lamps On Your Office Table

Pink salt lamps are not only known to be decorative accessories but also provide numerous health benefits. Since many people who have used salt lamps on their working space have testified to it having positive benefits, you should consider placing one on the table you work on.

Placing a pink salt lamp on a table that you work on will help to purify and also humidify the air. This way, you work in a cool environment. Such an environment would improve your concentration and also productivity.

A common mistake that you may commit when you place the pink salt lamp on your working desk fails to take safety precautions. Usually, you may be a busy person on your desk with a lot of movements. This could happen at some point cause you to knock the salt lamp over which could damage it.

To avoid such occurrences, ensure you place it on a corner of your table that you don’t use so much. This way, you will have sufficient room to work and avoid knocking to over.

Fab glass and mirror are experienced in the installation of salt lamps if you need them in your office or home working table. They will help with the installation and identification of the most appropriate position to make your office look trendy.

Salt Lamps In The Hallway

The hallway in your office space needs decoration. You can have some artistic works hung on the walls of your hallway. In addition to this, adding the pink salt lamp on the hallway wan help you to have an attractive environment.

Usually, multiple mini lamps would be placed in a specific pattern to make the interior design unique. It has recommended that proper planning should be done before installing pink salt lamp on the hallway.

This is because if they are wrongly placed, they may fall off and cause injuries. Also, for the best Himalayan salt lamps use it better to be hung all the salt lamps in a hallway at eye level. This way, they are visible by people using the hallway and they also introduce elegance within the space.

How To Effectively Use A Salt Lamp

Buying a pink salt lamp and installing it in your home is not all you need to transform your home to a more contemporary look. There are certain factors that you should consider at all times if you want to maintain your pink salt lamp in good shape. Health experts provide the following tips to ensure you get effectively use your pink salt lamp.

Using high wattage bulbs is one of the primary recommendations provided by the interior experts. The high wattage bulb is essential for the production of more heat which also results in the trapped water evaporating back to the atmosphere. For your pink salt lamp, you should avoid using the LED bulbs as they do not produce enough heat to make the water trapped on the crystal surface to evaporate.

Also, we argue that it is essential to place your salt lamps on a decent mat. Placing a mat under the lamp helps to avoid damage to your furniture due to the dripping salty water.

Your furniture made of wood should be protected using a mat that will soak up the water that drips from the lamp. When buying the salt lamp, you may request to expert on Fab Glass and Mirror to suggest you the most suitable mat that will protect your wooden furniture from any form of damage due to the salty water.

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