Love At The Time Of World War II. 18 Historic Photos That Captured Perfectly Varied Emotions


Published on August 21st, 2017

Nothing remains the same forever. But these heartwarming pictures reflect that one thing doesn’t change no matter how much time passes, and that’s love.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu

These photographs taken during World War II show various emotions of couples, who had no idea if they were ever going to be reunited with their loved ones again.

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1. A British solder whispers to his sweetheart before leaving for the front, 1939.



2. A uniformed US solider embraces and kisses a young woman at a train station in Connecticut, 1945.



3. An emotional farewell at New York’s Penn Station, April 1943.



4. Also at New York’s Penn Station, a couple finds it difficult to let go, April 1943.



5. An American soldier together with his English girlfriend at Hyde Park, 1945.



6. A young woman in roller skates strolls alongside her soldier, 1940s.



7. A crowd supports a young woman as she bids goodbye to her beloved, 1940.



8. One last embrace before troops depart from New York’s Penn Station, April 1943.



9. Kissing hard at the train station just before departing for World War II.



10. Jean Moore kneels to kiss fiancé, Ralph Neppel, a wheelchair-bound World War II veteran, 1945.



11. A goodbye kiss before departing for the Korean War, Los Angeles, Sept. 6, 1950.



12. Women line up at the platform to kiss their soldiers departing for Egypt, 1935.



13. Also headed to Egypt, these American soldiers receive their final kisses before deployment.



14. A sailor reaches over a picket fence to kiss his honey, 1945.



15. “V-J Day in Times Square” depicts two strangers, a sailor and a nurse, sharing a kiss to commemorate the end of the war, 1945.



16. A soldier returns home from war, 1940s.



17. Soldiers and downtown workers embrace one another as word of surrender fills the streets, 1945.



18. A couple leans in for some overdue affection upon the British soldier’s return from World War II, London, 1940.



There are romantic and timeless elements within these photos that seem almost impossible to recreate today.

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Source: lifebuzz.com