39 Pictures That Show the Before and After Effects of Photoshop On Hollywood’s Biggest Stars

Candice Huffine

August 25th, 2018   |   Updated on May 26th, 2020

Photoshop allows young stars to look superhuman and older stars to look like younger versions of themselves.

We often see photos of celebrities that look so flawless, it’s hard to believe they’re even real. Before you start comparing yourselves to them, keep in mind that their photos are usually photoshopped.

A list of celebrity pictures before and after Photoshop – some of them were very scandalous, while others were simply photo shopped by people on the websites. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian – they’re all there. Prepare to be shocked!

1. Angelina Jolie

Celebrities Before And After Photoshop Who Set Unrealistic Beauty Standards” Yes. Correct. Angelina sets unrealistic beauty standards. Both with and without photoshop.

Hollywood's Biggest Stars


2. Kim Cattrall

She looked great in the first photo! Those are laughter lines that add character to her face. Why would they want to erase her experience? The retouched picture looks too plastic. These unrealistic images will just make women feel insecure about aging because it’s difficult to find positive examples of it in the media. Of course a 60 year old will have wrinkles and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Kim Cattrall


3. Candice Huffine

She looks real on the left but can’t say “fabulous” is what comes to my mind. Looks to me that is not the flattering outfit.

Candice Huffine


4. Britney Spears

All celebrities have hair extensions added for special occasions and photo shoots. So what? That’s the business they’re in. It’s competitive and for a singer/dancer and celebrity who is followed by the paparazzi just waiting for a bad picture you should give the girl a break!

Britney Spears


5. Madonna

Time to get your eyes checked then!!! Cindy is merely 50, this scary sight is nearly 60. Cindy looks way better and more natural than this botoxed buffoon.



We do not accept even skin imperfections. and then the girls will massacre to try to reach a perfection that does not exist, while such a beautiful woman would not need any retouching.



7. Justin Bieber

Every time I see this ad, I can’t help but think of Kate McKinnon, who makes a way hotter Justin Bieber, than Justin Bieber LOL

Justin Bieber


8. Cindy Crawford

She used to be a model My own 52-year-old gym trainer doesn’t look like her, way better… I wonder why Cindy looks like that in the first pic.

Cindy Crawford


9. Penelope Cruz

Heavy-handed edit. No problem with modest changes to improve an image from a photographic perspective, but essential to keep it reasonably close to original.

Penelope Cruz


10. Fergie

She looks better in the before shot.



11. Keira Knightley

I love her movie the duchess it’s my favorite and then the other movie the hole is also good.

Keira Knightley


12. Katy Perry

She’s gorgeous in the first one, all Photoshopping does is make everyone look like they’re unreal somehow… Or we’re all looking through a film at the pics…

Katy Perry


13. Jennifer Lawrence

I can’t believe they retouched her hands! They slimmed her hand and made her fingers longer and skinnier… Smh

Jennifer Lawrence


14. Faith Hill

She was just lovely before. They smoothed out her complexion, that’s cool, but she’s already slender, why make her arms and waist smaller? Even her forearm? Overkill.

Faith Hill


15. Lindsay Lohan

I miss young Lindsay!!Remember The Parent Trap??she was so cuuuuttteee.

Lindsay Lohan


16. Miley Cyrus

she looks better in the before pic. like a real person.

Miley Cyrus


17. Kristen Stewart

I LOVE that they photoshopped her with a CLOSED MOUTH!! LOL They realize that we are sick to death of seeing her with her mouth half open!

Kristen Stewart


18. Miranda Kerr

She just needs blotting tissues. lol

Miranda Kerr


19. Avril Lavigne

She looks great in original.

Avril Lavigne


20. Kim Kardashian

Ah the American dream. Suck a BBC on camera and become an inspiration to millions of women…

Kim Kardashian


21. Kate Winslet

Kate is gorgeous, no need for airbrush..

Kate Winslet


22. Gwen Stefani

Looks amazing naturally.

Gwen Stefani


23. Meghan Trainor

Wow, they took part of her waist and put it into her leg…ugh. Plus, her hair looks more lively in the first one, the second one is like she’s posing and not moving

Meghan Trainor


24. Lady Gaga

Out of everyone, she isn’t that bad. Just looks like she has makeup on.

Lady Gaga


25. Nina Garcia

Left is better! more natural.

Nina Garcia


26. Zendaya

Anyone notice that her left leg is darker than her right? Or is that just normal?



27. Jennifer Aniston

She’s already beautiful. Why the need to photoshop her or anyone else?

Jennifer Aniston


28. Eva Mendez

I’m really surprised at some of these originals….a good photographer should know how to light their subject properly so any ‘editing’ should be minimal

Eva Mendez


29. Tyra Banks

Like the Exorcist!

Tyra Banks


30. Prince George

Ok, this is a matter of changing the contrast and saturation. It is not what I would call a total shop. They merely made the pic look warmer. Although, the eyes are a bit suspicious.

Prince George


31. Nicole Scherzinger

can’t get WHY would they need to retouch the picture! She looks awesome! I wish I had a bdoy like that!

Nicole Scherzinger


32. Kate Middleton

She’s already thin enough!! Cheeks are too red!

Kate Middleton


33. Natalie Portman

She’s so beautiful in the first one. In the second they made a photoshoped make up…

Natalie Portman


34. Serena Williams

Serena Williams doesn’t need photoshop! She is hot AF in the first pic!

Serena Williams


35. Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez


36. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah pulled a reverse Michael Jackson! lol

Oprah Winfrey


37. Emma Watson

She looks ridiculous…. emma’s already beautiful

Emma Watson


38. Leighton Meester

Wait… so she went natural and someone added makeup. WHY? she is beautiful!

Leighton Meester


39. Sharon Stone

Age is beautiful, no need to photoshop!

Sharon Stone