Too Much Help With Homework Can Deteriorate Your Child’s Learning Progress

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Published on February 15th, 2018

The article by Jennifer Rosher in the New York Times reveals the story of a mother who tried hard to help her daughter do great at school. The story touches its readers from deep inside, because such problem is not unique.

Each parent wants his child to be the best and achieve the highest results. However, psychologists and educators are currently worried about the problem of too much help with the homework. Many of them point out that overhelp can deteriorate child’s learning progress.

For example, exaggeration with helping the child out to complete writing assignments, by explaining things and sharing personal experiences, can cause the child lose his interest in the subject, lead the teacher being dissatisfied with the final result (because parent’s experience is vast). Moreover, adults think differently than children.

Their expertise does not often coincide with the theoretical background of the learned material in schools. That is why prior sitting in front of the child to explain the tasks assigned for home completion each parent must remember several facts that prove parents that too much help with the homework can deteriorate the child’s learning progress.

1. You risk making your child’s schoolwork your work.

Psychologists and educators agree that parents must show interest in their child’s school achievements and life. They also must help the child if the one did not understand the certain material or, probably, was ill while the teacher in the classroom explained it.

However, parents must not show that schoolwork of their child is much more critical for them than it is for the child himself. Such attitude can cause the child lose interest to schooling and make his schoolwork become parents’ one.


2. Setting the rules at a young age is important.

Children must learn that doing homework is their responsibility. That is why parents must set the rules where and when it must be completed. Moreover, children must learn that fun is after schoolwork. The earlier the child learns those rules, the more comfortable his schooling will be for both parents and the child.


3. Do not show your initiative in helping out with the homework before you are asked to.

Educators and psychologists claim that child’s inconfidence can be an outcome of the parental overcare. If a parent is always the first to offer help, the child does not have time to spend more on thinking about the problem. The constant help of an adult leads the child to lose his confidence. Currently, many services exist that can help the child find an idea or learn how to complete writing assignments without parents’ help.


4. Make your child think critically and evaluate his work.

Parents show their care in different ways. Some parents always point out and try to fix their child’s mistakes. However, this approach is not correct because in such conditions children are short of critical thinking. Thus, they risk growing into mummy and daddy’s baby boy and baby girls that have no personal opinion.

Instead of doing this, a parent should ask the child to find and fix the mistake on his own. Children would be able to reread the paper and edit it according to their own experience and knowledge.


5. Make your child learn autonomy and responsibility.

After explaining and making the child follow the rules, a parent must teach him such essential skills as autonomy and responsibility. Psychologists state that withdrawing reminders for doing homework must start in the early schooling. Those must be gentle to make the child realize that skills and knowledge are necessary for him in the first place.


6. The child’s schooling success is the matter of his motivation and organization.

Many parents claim that they work so hard with their children at home to make them get higher grades at school. In particular, mothers show their great concern for their children’s achievements.

However, recent studies have shown that such children often show low results in the middle and high schools. Psychologists state that high schooling achievements are not a matter of parenting. Overcare leads to child’s loss of motivation and self-organization.

All in all, parents must remember that at school their children learn essential knowledge and skills that will eventually become a foundation for their future career success. Parents should let their children find alternative options for doing writing assignments, which can be achieved from Do My Homework For Me.

Such services are safe and help the child gain new knowledge and skills from professionals. This can boost the child’s communication skills, responsibility, and autonomy.