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Honeymoon In Greece: How To Plan It And What To See

Honeymoon In Greece

Published on November 23rd, 2017

You finally got married, and now you can rightfully call yourself spouses! And here’s a romantic and bright honeymoon ahead, and it will live in your memories forever. And what country can offer an unforgettable wedding trip full of vivid emotions? Greece, of course! Here you can spend the sweetest weeks together, enjoying each other’s company. And if you’re thinking about where to spend a honeymoon in Greece, then this article is just for you.


The best islands for a honeymoon in Greece

A lot of newlyweds nowadays prefer to tie a knot on a beach surrounded by pristine nature, in the majestic halls of an ancient fortress, or on a summer terrace with a breathtaking view of the sea. Therefore, when deciding where to go on a Greece honeymoon, take these islands into account:

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1. Rhodes

Green Rhodes attracts thousands of tourists with its charming and fabulous atmosphere. And the old town with its ancient castle, Gothic churches, and medieval buildings is a great place for romantic walks and a wedding ceremony. This is a gorgeous and, more importantly, romantic place. Thus, if you don’t have a couple to go there, you may go to a dating site in Ukraine first.


2. Santorini

Romantic Santorini is known for its beaches with black sand and crimson sunsets over the endless sea. A wedding ceremony, held in one of the 330 churches among stunning landscapes, will turn your Santorini Greece honeymoon​​​​​ into a life-changing experience!

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3. Skiathos

Beautiful Skiathos is considered true paradise created for loving couples. A small island with a wonderful beach and the St. Florus’s chapel often becomes a place for marriage unions.


4. Milos

The island of Milos is a perfect spot for fans of unusual rest, even for those who are on a wedding trip. It’s the only place where you can try a beach safari that goes from the unique lunar landscape of the island to the delightful black beaches. A romantic honeymoon in Greece will be unforgettable!


5. Mykonos

Glamorous Mykonos is the center of parties and active rest. This place is great for young newlyweds who are not yet ready for a calm and quiet lifestyle.

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Wedding in Greece

Every corner of this amazing country is filled with faith. The ancient temples and churches are ideal spots for those who go on a honeymoon to Greece to register their union if the face of the Lord. Each of them is wonderful for a wedding ceremony. Here are a few churches where ceremonies are held every day:

  • On the island of Crete, there are amazing Agios Konstantinos, Analipsi, and Agios Nikolaos churches
  • On the island of Santorini, the newlyweds will find the churches of Panagia Episkopi and St. Mark, the majestic church of the Ascension of the Lord and the Saint Irene church
  • In Corfu, couples in love can marry in the St. Spyridon church
  • Next to the city of Thessaloniki is the monastery of St. Anastasia

After the solemn ceremony is held, you will receive both a marriage wedding certificates. But you can take just the second one if you like.

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The perfect honeymoon in sunny Greece

Keep in mind that if you want to spend your honeymoon in Greece, for example, in September, you need to begin preparing several months earlier (in this case, in the spring). After all, you’re not the only couple who wants to spend the best month of their life in this country of love. Besides, a carefully prepared trip will guarantee that you fully experience the atmosphere of romance and feelings.

It’s quite difficult to tell where the best spot for a honeymoon in Greece is. Usually, it all comes down to your financial capabilities, personal preferences, wishes, the choice of the place to hold the wedding ceremony, and other small nuances that travel agencies need to take into account before arranging your honeymoon trip. And the best hotels in Greece for honeymoon are always ready for you.