25 Ridiculously Hot Photos Of Ivanka Trump

Meet Ivanka Trump, the indisputable hottest President's daughter the United States has ever seen.

March 17th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

How hot is Ivanka Trump ? As a senior advisor to the US president and his daughter, Ivanka Trump is surely a woman of repute. However, not many people know that before taking up this job Ivanka had been a successful model a fact which reflects in her choices of dresses.

Ivanka Trumps At The Met Gala

After gracing many magazine covers Ivanka settled down to being a professional however, her style game did not end there. We bring to you 25+ photographs of her which depict her indisputable style and help her look graceful as ever.

Do You Think Ivanka Trump Is Hot?

ivanka trump nude

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As per Dad Donald Trump, she is. When Ivanka was just 16, she hosted the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant. Independent reported that Trump turned towards Miss Universe and asked her, that isn’t his daughter hot.

In an interview with The View, Trump even made some rather strange remarks about Ivanka. Read on:

He said, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” This probably made her look hot and desirable to people, albeit in the strangest way possible.

Ivanka Trump Hot

Even when he offered his views on the Howard Stern Show in 2004, Trump agreed with the host that his daughter was indeed “a piece of ass.”

Trump passed a comment, “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka,” this was followed by the host stern saying, “By the way, your daughter … Can I say this? A piece of ass.” Trump did not mind the comment and just replied that with a, “Yeah.”

Two years later, in 2006, Trump returned to the show, and this time the conversation towards Ivanka’s breasts.

Ivanka Trump Bikini

Stern passed a comment like “looks more voluptuous than ever” and then asked Trump if she had gotten herself implants. To this, Trump promptly said, “She’s always been very voluptuous. She’s tall, she’s almost six feet tall, and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty.”

Trump’s comment had us all stunned and creepy. During a Vanity Fair photoshoot when Ivanka was just 15 years, the lap sitting and face kissing photos were quite disturbing indeed.

Ivanka Trump Sexy

In 2013, Ivanka and Trump gave a joint interview on The Wendy Williams Show. Both were asked a similar question. Williams questioned them what the one thing they both liked, “Either real estate or golf was.” Donald’s answer was purely scandalizing.

Yes, of course, he said Sex. A pretty offending answer if you see that he was speaking in context to his daughter.

So, do you think is Ivanka hot? It depends on who is asked the question. However, for Ivanka, only Daddy’s opinions matter the most.

Ivanka Trump Bathing Suit

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Meet Ivanka Trump, the indisputable hottest President’s daughter the United States has ever seen.

Ivanka Trump Feet

Ivanka Trump Legs


1. The Million Dollars Worth Smile

Ivanka Trump from r/Celebs


2. Style And Innocence Come Together

Ivanka Trump from r/Celebs

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3. Summery Yet So Cool

Ivanka Trump from r/Celebs

4. Too Hot To Handle

Ivanka Trump from r/Celebs


5.  Looking And Feeling Like A Diva

Ivanka Trump Sizzles In Bikini-Feature_image


6. Oomph Factor Hard To Miss

7. Glowing Skin Envy Of Many

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8. Posing With The Right Attitude

Ivanka Trump Sizzles In Bikini

9. Grace Personified

Ivanka Trump Sexy Pics


10. Smiling For The Shutterbugs

Ivanka Trump_3_USA


11. Ready To Kill

Ivanka Trump_3

12. The Head Turner Literally

Ivanka Trump_1

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13. Prepared To Dazzle In All Forms

US Foreign Policy - Ivanka Trump in india


14. Iconic Look Ready To Slay

Ivanka Trump 12


15. I Am Me

Ivanka Trump 14


16. Flaunt Thy Curves

Ivanka Trump Factory

17. When Nothing Can Go Wrong

Hot Photo of Ivanka Trump

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18. Red Hot Alarm Bells Ringing

Ivanka At The Gianni Versace Fashion Show March 17, 1996

19. Gorgeous Yet So Subtle

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20. Fresh, Vibrant And Everlasting

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21. One Smile Is Enough, The Damage Is Done.

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22. Rocking The Black Dress

Hot Photos Of Ivanka Trump

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23. Comfort And Sizzle At One Place

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24. No Words Can Depict Me

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25. Plain But Impressive

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