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Top 5 Remarkable and Astounding Hot Tubs Views Around The World!

Remarkable and Astounding Hot Tubs Views

Published on March 21st, 2018

Is there any more relaxing experience than luxuriating in a hot tub with a glass of wine while soaking up the very scenery you’ve traveled for?

From the turquoise blues to the lush greenery to the countryside streets, only few villa hot tubs can provide the most stunning views around the world. Be it a family getaway, a romantic weekend or a trip with friends, none of them will be complete without chilling in the private hot tub of an exotic villa.

As you mix the bubbles with the bath salts, the relaxation reaches the sky with the views of the prodigious landscapes and the list of the following hot tubs are worth considering as one provides the view of a Mirabello Bay while the other has a private beach on its own.

The most important thing about a trip is to encounter the jaw-dropping ambiance so that you can store those visuals in your brain as long as you live. So, go through this list of impressive outdoor hot tubs and do yourself a favor by making a trip to any one of them.  Scroll down to gawp and dream.

1. Amanoka, Jamaica

Located on the Discovery Bay, this is one of the largest villas you can list in the world. From the spacious verandahs to the soft lawn on which you can stroll barefoot to the white sand private beach; this villa has everything including a gazebo with suspended swings.


True to the name, it is a peaceful home with restful design and quite interiors made of bamboo, teak, and stone. As the orchids accessorize the rooms, the pool is one of the desirable hot tubs you will ever come across. Perched on the seafront, this hot tub offers unpolluted views of the private beach.

2. Elounda Gulf Royal Spa Villa, Crete

A crown jewel, this hotel contains four bedrooms and stands out as a trademark for royalty. Most of the celebrities and the politicians pay a visit to this villa because of the contemporary elegance it holds.

Elounda Gulf Royal Spa Villa_1

Apart from the high finishing of the rooms, the villa also has two tubs from which one can get the glimpse of Mirabello Bay of the Greek island.

Elounda Gulf Royal Spa Villa_2

Although the villa has an infinity pool which is around 17 meters long, it in real features two hot tubs which are like the identical twins.

3. Borgo San Biagio, Umbria & Tuscany Border

An intriguing holiday venue as it is, one can make exclusive use of the historic hamlet with this villa. Considered as the most beautiful villa in Italy, it is located amid the verdant hills within reach of Tuscany and Umbria towns.

Borgo San Biagio_1

The villa is restored by Renato, the owner who created dramatic and historical landscapes. The hot tub of this villa provides amusing views of the countryside as it can accommodate around 20 people at a time. It also has one of the largest swimming pools in the country.

4. Villa Quinta Matilde, Duoro Valley

Quinta Matilde is a villa with 4 double bedrooms and many social areas that are evidently designed to enjoy the views and landscape of the vineyards and olive trees that are spread in the 8000 sq meters of the land.

Villa Quinta Matilde_1

As they slope down the river Douro, the interiors of this villa are made of glass and wood and it can accommodate around eight people at a time. The hot tub of Villa Quinta Matilde provides lens-baiting views of the rugged terrain around it.

5. Felicia, Corfu

Secluded but not entirely reclusive, this villa is located on the hillside of St. Stephano. Cushioned in the trees, it is within the reach of the harbor village located below the mountain.


The colonnaded rooms, the curtain terraces and the mosaic pool together form a theatrical style about it where deep colors are used to create moods.


As the Greek islands are known to create spectacular scenarios, the hot tub in this villa does the same as it can sleep up to seven people at a time.