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Fascinating Footage! Watch How A Sand Boa Gives Birth

Watch how a sand boa gives birth

Published on August 29th, 2017

Always cool to witness live birth. The sand boa is seen giving birth to several snakes in this fascinating footage. Anyone who believes that giving birth is beautiful clearly hasn’t seen this video. This sand boa snake gave birth to six babies over the weekend – but the footage is not for the faint hearted.

Only 70% of the world’s snakes lay eggs and the rest give birth to live young, the National Geographic says. Oviparous, or egg-laying—snakes, tend to live in warmer climates, which helps incubate their eggs. Viviparous, or live-birthing—snakes, tend to live in cooler regions, where the ground is too cold for the eggs to develop on their own.

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The video was posted on the Reptile Collective Facebook page last week with the caption: ‘Always cool to witness live birth’. It shows two of the slippery reptiles being born, out of a total of six babies.

Sand boas are AMAZING animals that stay small and generally very tractable and tolerant of us humans.’ But the footage left many viewers scratching their heads, with many commenting that they were confused as they thought snakes only laid eggs.

The first snake in the video being born


The gruesome video shows the snake giving birth

sand boa gives birth-1

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The footage is not for the faint hearted

sand boa gives birth-2



The miracle of a live snake birth

sand boa gives birth-3


The baby sand boas all survived the birth

sand boa gives birth-5

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Sand boas do not lay eggs but give live birth

sand boa gives birth-4


Snakes in warmer climates usually lay eggs so they can be incubated in the ground

sand boa gives birth-6


Viewers were amazed to see the live birth and many thought all snakes laid eggs. Scroll down for Facebook user reaction for this video

Most of the world’s snake species (about 70%) reproduce by laying eggs. But vipers, rattlesnakes, boas, and most of the sea snakes give birth. By Dystopia Potoo

sand boa gives birth


Yes all the babies made it. Here are all of them. Thank you for all of the interest. Sand boas are AMAZING animals that stay small and generally very tractable and tolerant of us humans By Reptile Collective


For all y’all that’s saying “I thought snakes laid eggs” well apparently they don’t you SEE it with your own eyes in the video…. ijs By Jessica Dominique

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Omg I love snakes but this disgusts me on so many levels By Alora Duran


Was second one dead it’s eye want clear and the color changed a little. By Jo Anna Kogin


What a hoe! She must have different babydaddies they all different colors By Anaisa Bowers


I’m finding my elementary school teachers and firing them myself. Snakes lay eggs, but I guess this is 2017 everything changes By Brittany Hutchcraft


I thought I was dumb as shit not knowing that snakes have live birth. 😂😂😂 Thank goodness half y’all didn’t know either. Makes me feel better By Katelyn Phillips

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Ok dumb questions time I thought snakes laid eggs and why are the babies all different colours By Kat Riga


It is just called ovoviviparity,eggs are hatched inside the mothers’ womb and born live birth the same with other fish like majority of sharks By John Lauron


Well this is something i dont see everyday. It feels good to learn something new. I always thought snakes laid eggs.


Fascinating moment sand boa snake has live birth


Original Video With caption “Always cool to witness live birth” By Reptile Collective

Always cool to witness live birth.

Posted by Reptile Collective on Friday, 25 August 2017