How Did The Child Warn Against Turning The Arctic Dream Into A Nightmare?

March 14th, 2016   |   Updated on May 24th, 2023

Protecting the Arctic region is essentially important since it’s home to abundant biodiversity and hosts many natural treasures of immense value to the planet.

However, the Arctic is under severe threat from climate change, toxic pollution, oil/gas exploration and production and over fishing.

Warning against the global threat, the environmental organization, Greenpeace has recently released a video, where “The Little Explorer” sees through the world of thriving underwater life in Arctic, which abruptly comes to an end with dire and alarming consequences.

The Little Explorer

“Greenpeace’s #Savethearctic Campaign Makes You Aware Of The Impending Threats To The Region.

little explorer salutes her teddy bears


The Little Explorer Seems Overwhelmed By The World Of Thriving Underwater Life.

underwater world in an imaginary submarine


As She Is Exploring The Underwater World With Amazement,  Her Fantasy Comes To An Abrupt End.

submarine is engulfed by a net


Check Out “The Little Explorer” To Understand The Threats To The Arctic Region

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