How To Choose The Right Pet For Your Family

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May 4th, 2018   |   Updated on February 3rd, 2021

Having a pet is a big decision and you have to be sure that you`re really ready to provide care for your pet for his/her entire life. And when choosing a pet, consider carefully what type of animal best suits your family, lifestyle and home.

Sometimes it isn’t so easy to make the right choice and it takes a while to realize which pet is right for you among a variety of the best family pets. So here you`ll find a few useful tips on how to choose the right pet for your family.

1. Think of your current pet/pets

If you already have any pets at home, think about whether they will accept another animal of the same or different species. If you have any doubts, it would be better to consult the vet who can definitely help you figure this out.

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2. Pay attention to the age of your kids

Your kid’s age can also help you identify what kind of pet to get. Animals that require less responsibility will best fit younger children (especially if you don’t have free time to care for a pet yourself). Such pets like dogs or cats will be perfect for older kids who are able to take care of a pet themselves.


3. Take a look at your housing conditions

Of course, you should choose a pet that will be best suited to your home. When you want to have a pet, one of the first things you have to think about is your housing conditions. Not all homes can accommodate every type of animal.

4. Check with your landlord

If you`re renting, your landlord may restrict you to have a pet in the building. Besides, your landlord may limit the type and number of pets. Before having a pet, talk to your landlord and ask for permission.

5. Think about your lifestyle

When it comes to finding the right adopter, be sure that the best pet is the pet that will fit your lifestyle and expectations. Think once more time about your schedule, hobbies, activity level, what you`re looking for in a pet and just then make the right choice.

If you like to travel then you need to consider whether a pet will be a good fit in your active lifestyle. Animals are social creatures and need a lot of love and affection to thrive. One solution is to find a good pet boarding facility that can look after your cat or dog while you’re away.

Kerrie from Bayside Cat Resort in Melbourne knows a thing or two about giving animals affection. Her team offers round the clock love and care in their deluxe cattery. “Each animal gets their own private suite with plenty of toys and a multi-layer bed and scratching post. We make sure your cat has a lovely vacation while you’re enjoying yours”

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6. Examine your local laws

In the case you`re going to have some unconventional family pet, for example, like a miniature pig, that’s cool! But you should necessarily look into local laws in your area regarding owning pets. Some animals can not be allowed in a specific area.


7. Review the costs of caring for the pet

Owning a pet is a financial commitment. Insurance, food, toys, vet bills and so on. You should be ready to cover all these expenses (and not only these ones!).

You will also need dog food, bowls, toys, grooming tools, training kits, and lots of delicious healthy treats , like bully sticks, cow ears, and pet jerky. If you’re getting a puppy, a playpen or crate is necessary to confine him in one area so you can keep an eye on him better. This will prevent him from causing any mischief when you’re not at home.

So before picking the pet, make sure that you can afford it. Don’t worry, the good news is that some insurance companies like Bivvy can get you the right insurance policy for your pet at a price that’s right for you.


Owning a pet is a wonderful and rewarding experience. And if you decide that you`re really ready to have an animal at home, you should realize that, from now on, you accept responsibility for another living creature, namely, responsibility for his/her health and welfare.

So selecting a pet can be a challenge. But the tips above can help you choose your perfect pet and have an enjoyable pet-owning experience.

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