How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Brand

Social Media Marketing Specialization

March 7th, 2019   |   Updated on September 6th, 2023

Are you interested in joining social media? Your brand could stand to benefit from the high visibility, personalized selling and targeting options offered by the avenue.

There are many social media platforms available, meaning that you can set up multiple pages to attract more followers and increase your brand profile.

If you are interested in reaching out to a global audience, social media will facilitate your brand’s foray into the world.

The billions of users are spread out across different social platforms, and are based in most parts of the world. It will certainly be better for you than traditional media in terms of reach and expenses.

The best social media platform will make it easy to market your brand through targeted options. It will have a large follower base, allowing you to reach a greater percentage of your target audience and increase the level of expected sales.

There are different features available on each platform, making it important to consider your options before setting up.

Remember to assess your capacity to monitor each social media page you create to reduce the possible consequences of a neglected brand page.

What Social Media Platforms Could You Consider Joining?

With the variety of options available, it is important to look into different platforms and how they might help you achieve your business goals. Hera are a few pointers on a number of social media platforms that could be best suited for your brand.

1. Facebook


This is the largest social media platform available for your brand, hosting about 2.2 billion active users. You can share all types of content on the platform, which makes it ideal for increasing brand awareness, build partnerships and boost your website’s profile.

Since there are so many users on the platform, you should consider the paid advertisement options available on the platform. Facebook will provide a variety of advertising products, which can help you address different aspects of your goals.

For instance, you can make your posts more visible to raise brand profile, or invest in remarketing to boost conversion levels. We recommend that you post regularly on the platform, about 20-25 times a week.

2. Whatsapp


While it is not a conventional social media platform, Whatsapp is the best avenue for personal selling because it allows you to interact directly with your clients through their contact. Unlike social media, which will require users log on to get notifications, Whatsapp is a messenger service that will offer on-screen notifications for easier management.

Each thread is unique to one client, allowing for personalized responses to each one. Unlike other social media platforms, you will not miss out on any comments or queries due to followers posting them within other followers’ posts. You can share all types of content in your brand’s group page on the platform.

We recommend that you spend as much time online as possible, especially during high activity hours. It can be a great platform for customer service and support.

3. YouTube

YouTube Ads

Did you know that the search queries made on this social media platform are second only behind those made by Google search? It is staggeringly popular, with millions of hours of videos watched every day.

You can leverage ‘how to’ videos and other interesting, educative or informative topics and techniques to use.

You should make between three to five posts every week, which will help maintain consistency. You should consider using the platform for product promotions, interviews and other entertaining and relevant video content.

4. Instagram


It is a very popular platform with the younger demographic. Users on the platform share images and videos. However, they will tend to look for high quality content with an attractive aesthetic. You will need to maintain only a selection of high quality content for the platform.

Most Instagram marketing agencies recommend that you make at least 4 posts every week, but limiting yourself to about 8. This will provide consistency without being overwhelming. You will have a difficult time building your follower count or getting any sort of useful traction in terms of user engagement on the platform.

Even if you have great content, you will need to consider paid advertising options. You should consider setting up the auto likes Instagram app – free trial for your Instagram based brand to boost the performance of your posts and attract followers to your brand.

What Should The Best Platform For Your Brand Offer?

Having looked into some of the options available and what each one has to offer, you can now make your choice. Remember, joining a platform without the sufficient capacity to interact with all your followers could cause more harm than good. It is important that you assess your personnel and expense allocations to understand your limits and work within them to your benefit. Here are a few other factors that could help you pick the ideal platform for your brand.

High User Numbers From Your Target Demographic

If your business has a specific market, you should find a social media platform that is most attractive to users from your target demographic. Since different platforms offer a variety of targeting options, it is important to find one with the largest outlay of your target demographic and tools to help you market your brand to them.

Value For money

A great social media platform should be free to join and use. Only the paid ad options should cost you any money, and these are available for as low as $1. You can find a platform that offers well priced advertisement options which are designed to help you meet your brand goals.

Versatile Content Options

You should find a social media platform that allows you to post different types of content. It could be difficult to diversify your posts and attract more users if you are limited in your content options.

Personal selling

Social media is very appealing to both users and brands because of its personalized approach. You can interact with your followers on a personal level, which will help to build a great relationship and brand loyalty.