How To Crack ZIP Password With/ Without Software

How To Crack ZIP Password

August 8th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

People prefer to encrypt the ZIP file having personal data, using a password, and mostly forget these passwords very soon when they had to search for a solution to crack ZIP password.

Since the ZIP files store the data in compressed format, it can be hazardous to break ZIP password using an unauthentic mode.

We have discussed below the two most prominent ways by which you can access the data on an encrypted ZIP file.

Method 1: Crack ZIP Password With Software

The Passper for Zip is a perfect tool to crack ZIP password. It is a suitable solution to be applied in situations when you have forgotten the password, unable to open ZIP archive, or need to reset ZIP password.

Passper for ZIP gives promising results irrespective of whether you need to crack password protected ZIP, WinZIP, or 7ZIP archives made on any of the supported tools.

It is powerful Zip password cracker which is combined with four specific attack modes, which the user can apply as needed and fetch the original password.

Passper for Zip works quickest to break ZIP password, and has the highest success rate, while at the same time ensuring the safety of the ZIP file data in zero damage condition.

For using the Passper for Zip tool, you require a computer with Windows OS of any latest or old version.

  • It has NVIDIA/ AMD/ GPU acceleration technology to fasten the password recovery process.
  • The software is very light in weight, lesser than 3 MB, which does not harm the PC performance.
  • The four powerful attack modes ensure the password recovery with the optimum time required.
  • The recovery process can be paused anytime and will resume from the same point when restarted.

It does not support Mac or any other Operating System apart from Windows OS.

How To Use

To apply the Passper for ZIP tool to crack ZIP password, you need first to download & install the software over your computer. Now follow the instruction to given below.

Step 1. Open the Passper for ZIP tool on your PC, and hit the column below “Select a file,” to add the locked ZIP file on the panel.

Add zip file to crack

Step 2. After the file is added, you need to choose one of the attack modes from the right column. They have different working abilities according to the password hint provided, and details of each are as below:

choose recovery attack mode

Combination Attack: If you remember all the characters (letters/ numbers/ symbols) of the password, but unable to guess the right combination. Then this mode can help you by arranging them continuously until it decodes the correct password.

Dictionary Attack: This mode applies specific common words/ phrases as the password from its long list of standard password in the form of a dictionary. If you have used any such password, it will be decrypted soon.

Mask Attack: If you remember the approximate length of the password with the first few or last few characters, then you can select this mode.

Brute-Force Attack: This mode can be chosen when you do not have any information about the password. It will apply all the character combinations to get the password and takes more time.

Step 3. Now click the “Recover” button to begin the process.

crack zip password successfully

As soon as it cracks password protected zip, it is displayed on the software panel.

Method 2: Crack Zip Password Without Software Using Notepad

If you are looking for the other methods to crack ZIP password, the simplest way is making the use of Notepad.

The Notepad is used to edit or create text, but it can also apply to unlock the ZIP files easily. With the use of this method, you break ZIP password without any requirement of downloading the Software or external programs.

Let us now see the detailed steps on how to open password protected Zip file with the use of Notepad:

Step 1: Go to the password-protected ZIP file and Right-Click on the same. Several options appear on the screen wherein select the option “Open with”.

open the protected zip folder with notepad

Step 2: Select “Notepad” from the dropped-down menu to open this locked ZIP file. If Notepad option is not visible in the menu, click on “Choose another app” and the Select Notepad from the list of the applications shown.

Step 3: Within no time, the ZIP file will open with Notepad application. At the top left corner, click on “Edit” and then choose the option “Replace” to remove or change a particular string.

 click on replace to change the string

Step 4: Now, at the Notepad, change the string “Ûtà” to the new word “5³tà”. Once done, save the change and close the Notepad on the screen. Click and open the particular ZIP file, without the need of presenting password or any security code now.

The method discussed above to crack zip password using Notepad may sound simple and straightforward, but it is not a guaranteed way to get the task done.

There may be instances when this method may fail to remove the password from the locked ZIP file.


Usually, the most critical data is kept in zipped and encrypted form to secure it from unwanted access. But if you happen to lose the password then do not lose hope as you can still crack ZIP password and access the content.

The Notepad method if applied saves your money if it manages to recover the password successfully.

A more suggestive way is to use zip file password cracker Passper for ZIP, which is safe, reliable, and effective in its working.