How To Find The Best Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys

Published on June 24th, 2022

Whether you are going through a child custody dispute, a divorce, or other family law issue, you want the best family law attorney on your side. With so many legal professionals to choose from, finding the one for your case may be difficult.

When looking for the right lawyer, knowing what to do and what questions to ask is essential. Due to the inherent emotional circumstances of any legal issues involving family, having a plan to find the best attorney is beneficial during this stressful time.

Do Your Research

Before you get started, you should assess your full legal needs. This way, you can ensure that the family law attorney you choose can provide what you need.

If you want to file for a divorce, ask yourself if there will be a child custody dispute to settle. Maybe spousal support or alimony needs to be negotiated. These are the simple questions to ask yourself before you start to look.

Remember that not all lawyers handle all kinds of legal situations. So determine your specific legal needs to find the right family law lawyer who handles the issues you are facing.

You can look up lawyers online, and search engines will group and suggest attorneys by practice area and location. List down a few of the attorneys in your area and visit their websites. Read the information provided about their lawyers to learn if they can help.

Once you have a list of family law attorneys, talk to them by phone, online, or in person and discuss your case.

Work With An Attorney You Like

When meeting the attorneys, remember that you probably won’t feel comfortable with every attorney on your list.

While talking to a prospective lawyer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel I can work well with this lawyer?
  • Does the lawyer respond to my questions thoroughly and in terms I can understand?
  • Do they behave in a courteous, professional, and intelligent manner?
  • Do they listen to me?
  • Do they demonstrate a genuine interest in helping me?
  • Can the attorney discuss a strategy to help me resolve my case? Do they explain the advantages and disadvantages of my options?

Talk About Potential Outcomes

Talking about the potential outcomes of your case can be another impactful way to find a family law attorney for you.

Doing so can help give you a good understanding of how the lawyer you are talking to has helped other clients facing the same issues similar to yours.

Moreover, asking the lawyer about potential outcomes can give you the confidence you need that they are not only prepared to take on your case, but they also have a strategy.

In most family law issues, cases are often settled without going to court. For this to happen, your lawyer must be skilled in negotiations. But, sometimes, a case must go to a court of law.

When talking to a lawyer, discuss their experience in both settlements and litigation. Choose an attorney who has the skills and expertise to handle either situation.

Make A List Of Questions

Before you speak to your potential lawyer, prepare a list of questions. You can leave these questions with them after the meeting or ask them during it.

Asking the right questions will get you in the right direction toward winning your case. These are some examples of questions to ask.

  • How will the lawyer update you on the progress of your case? The answer to this question may vary depending on your case, but asking the right questions will ensure the peace of mind you need to get the legal attention you deserve.
  • How long would it take to resolve your case? What is the duration of a spousal support case or a divorce case? While each issue has its circumstances, your lawyer must be able to estimate how long the cases in a particular area usually take. But remember that their answer will only be an estimate.
  • How will you be billed for the legal services you need? If the lawyer’s fee is hourly, will you be charged for portions of an hour? There are no wrong responses to this question. Just look for a response that makes you feel comfortable.
  • What is the best way to reach out to your attorney? Ask the lawyer if you will be billed for calling or emailing. You should feel welcome to talk to your attorney and be confident that you will get answers in a timely fashion.
  • Will your attorney give you copies of all the relevant documents filed in your case? The answer to this particular question should be a yes.
  • Do you have to pay them in advance? What regulations apply if you decide to terminate the case? Before picking an attorney, make sure that these terms are clear.

These are simple yet practical tips that can help you find the best family lawyer. Before picking an attorney, keep these pointers in mind and start your case in the right direction.