How To Get Rid Of Mouse In A Humane Way

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Published on April 26th, 2018

You check into your apartment or office, in a spark of a second you see the unexpected guest dash wildly; the mouse. Your adrenaline escalates as you ponder what happens if they multiply quickly.

A female mouse can lay up to 12 young ones in a week, in a month, 48 of them.

According to the National Pest Management Authority (NPMA), rodents invade approximately 21 million homes in the US during winter. 29 percent of people admit facing a rodent problem at home.


Usually, 24 percent of the manifestations occur in the attic and garage while 50 percent in the bathrooms. These are weighty concerns for control measures to avert a looming infestation.

Rats in your home can play host to parasites. Moreover, they carry diseases like Lassa fever, Leptospirosis, Rat-bite fever, Salmonellosis, and others. They eat leftovers, clothes, books name it.

On one side, scientists, universities, and pro-animal groups advocate for laws to protect these research animals. On another, people affected wonder how to get rid of the mouse in a humane way.

We focus on the latter. If your cat is just interested in chasing birds but not mouse, don’t worry.Here are non-toxic, purely natural and effective home remedies to get rid of the uninvited stress-free.


1. Your Home Shouldn’t Attract Them

You recall the foods left in open places and containers? Rats can eat up to 25 times daily of such exposed diet and the unsanitary conditions are a big attraction.

Additionally, they can eat up to 10 percent of their body weight everyday but can’t survive without water.Ensure you tightly seal containers with food.

Opt for taller metal trash containers positioned in isolated areas. Keep your environment always clean. Moreover, seal any holes on walls, floor, and even roof to stop possible entry and exit.

As a result, no rats check-in and the ones inside can be easily eliminated. This is probably the perfect time to check out the top rated mouse traps and also find out how to make one with minimum afford in your home from the Smart Picker site.

You can choose your ideal humane-catch-and-release traps to seize those stuck inside your home. Nonetheless, if you know how to make a mouse trap, that would be economical.

Avoid adhesive or glue traps since some bite their own legs and break free. They hate that sticky substance. Furthermore, they can be trapped in remote areas, suffocate, die and make your home a stinking zone.


2. Use Of Scent Repellant Approaches

If you don’t like traps or poison, you can use scent repellant alternatives like cayenne pepper, garlic, and peppermint. Others like fabrics softener sheets smell good but rats don’t like how they smell.

Besides, you can also use all-natural soaked cotton balls strategically placed where you suspect they thrive.


3. Use Aluminum Foil

It is not clear what makes rats hate aluminum but it scares them away. Spread it where they inhabit mostly throughout the night.

However, plan well on how to spread and remove it and be careful not to contaminate food around.


Other Options To Use



  •  Spraying rotten onions where they live. The smell will chase them away.
  • Obtain from an animal center dried snake feces and spread them around to scare them away.
  • Try devices with ultrasonic beeping sounds that rodents hate
  • If bold enough, they are few, easy to locate and you have time, wear gloves and use commercial rat catchers while on gloves to get rid of them.
  • If busy for these options call in a professional exterminator.






Rodents are faunae with a strong sense of smell and smart in evading traps. That’s why if we trap a rat and release it later, it may escape from there and move to 4 miles from the release point.

This is why you need to employ multiple options at the same time consistently to get rid of them. Once your home is sorted, provide the ideas to your friendly and receptive neighbors with the problem.

You don’t want them playing potential hosts and disperse to you an upcoming manifestation. Also, take care of your surrounding where they could hide and nest to get rid of them.