How To Keep Your Pets Entertained, Even When You’re Not Home

visiting animal cafe on valentine day

September 9th, 2018   |   Updated on September 13th, 2018

It’s dark in your home, no one is there and not a creature is stirring, well, except for your cat who’s silently stalking from room to room scratching any surface in their way.

If you have a particularly resourceful cat, then he or she can open doors — mine sure can. This makes for an incredibly interesting yet frustrating experience every night when you get home from work.

Boost Your Mood

What if you could entertain your cat though? Even better, what if you could give your cat treats for good behavior, without even being home?

That’s the idea behind smart pet feeders and treat systems which offer a variety of remote features including ways to entertain or interact with your pets.

Take the Petcube, for example. It has a built-in laser pointer toy that you can use to entertain any of your pets, cats or dogs alike.

When you’re not home, just pop open the mobile app, turn on the laser pointer and watch them go crazy. Yes, you can watch what’s happening too using a built-in security camera.

How cool is that?

Happy Pets, Happy Life

visiting animal cafe on valentine day

Sometimes, unoccupied or bored pets can get themselves into trouble, dogs especially. This can culminate in a variety of naughty habits including chewing, scratching and making messes — the odorous kind that isn’t fun to clean up.

One way to combat this is to get multiple pets. Two dogs can keep each other busy, and the same is true for cats. But the more pets you have, the more time you must dedicate to taking care of them. This can be incredibly troublesome if you have a busy schedule, like long work days.

Smart pet feeders can help eliminate some of those problems, coincidentally in varying ways. Your average feeder will allow you to dispense meals or treats to your pets, whether on schedule or manually via a mobile app.

Most of them include a built-in camera too so you can watch what your dog or cat is doing while you’re away. Need to yell at them to get off the couch? There are feeders that include two-way audio for just that!

These devices sure offer convenience to the pet owner, but more importantly they can help keep your pets occupied and happy even while you’re away. That could mean the difference between an intact couch, and a totally destroyed one.

Smart pet feeders work great when you need to go out of town too. Instead of just leaving a bunch of food out, hoping your pet will balance their feed sessions appropriately, you can dispense exactly the right amounts on a schedule.


What If I Don’t Want a Feeder?


Admittedly, the best smart feeders include a multitude of features not the least of which is remote food dispensing. But not all of them are technically for distributing full meals.

Petzi, Furbo, and Petcube Bites are all designed to give your pets treats — instead of actual food — and include most of the same functionality that your average feeder does.

Point being, you don’t have to opt for the full-featured feeders if you don’t need that support. You can also just get a smart pet toy, of which there are many.

Either way, smart devices offer some of the best ways to keep your pet entertained and happy when you can’t do it in person. Just imagine how many cords and cushions you could save as a result?