How To Outsource Remote Scala Developers

Outsource Remote Scala Developers

Published on December 26th, 2022

If you and your business need an app with high performance on mobile devices and web versions both, sooner or later, you probably will decide to go with a programming language called Scala. But in recent years developers with a high level of expertise in this language came in high demand and finding the right one for outsourcing your web application can be somewhat troublesome.

This guide will help you to find the best option for hiring remote Scala developers through an outsourcing company.

What Is Scala

Scala is a modern programming language created on the foundation of Java and running on Java Virtual Machine, but addressing many criticisms guided at its predecessor and improving over them.

A great number of international companies choos Scala as the main language for their mobile and web apps, for example, Twitter, Netflix, Linkedin, Sony, Starbucks, and may-many others. All this happens for a good reason.

IT professionals regularly praise Scala for its scalability, high performance, and impressive ability to solve complex coding problems, and this is all possible without increasing the company’s IT infrastructure.

At this moment Scala, as a fairly new programming language, is more popular with big international companies, but smaller ones are quick to catch on.

It needs mentioning, that due to similarities between Scala and Java, you can pretty easily rewrite an existing app from running on one language to another. Many industrial experts predict Scala will become one of the most popular languages in the world in just a few years.

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Reasons To Outsource

When you have a clear plan for a future app and firmly decide on Scala as its main programming language, you will be presented with several hiring options. Of course, you can go to popular freelance sites like Upwork and try to find a skilled developer there.

Even if you brush aside all the usual risks that come with this specific hiring option like a lack of guarantees and inability to be sure of candidates’ work ethic and soft skills, finding an experienced Scala software engineer is really hard on such platforms.

Coders with great knowledge of this language are in high demand now and have no trouble finding stable employment, so if a developer is ready to do some work for a relatively low price, you are probably dealing with the beginner.

Hiring an in-house developer will be a really hard task due to a modest amount of viable candidates with Scala experience, especially in one specific area. Also, renting an office space and all additional costs will bring your budget higher than you can expect. It makes sense only with really big applications that absolutely need a full-time development team.

If you decide to go with an outsourcing company, there will be no need to confirm developers’ hard skills, as they have already been tested by a vendor. As for soft skills, they are less important in this model of cooperation because you can avoid dealing with coders completely if you decide to.

Another big advantage of professional Scala developers outsourcing offshore is cost reduction. With specialists in this language being in high demand right now, their salaries in the USA and Western Europe can be really hard on your budget, but coders from different destinations will charge significantly less even including the outsourcers’ fee.

How To Choose An Outsourcing Company

Finding the right outsourcing company is crucial for the whole development process. You will become extremely dependent on them for a period of time and you can’t be thorough enough with previous research.

First of all, read online about different offshore outsourcing destinations, average salaries for Scala developers there, cultural differences, and English proficiency in the region. Then you can start searching for outsourcing companies that work with IT professionals from regions you like.

Then try to compose some sort of short-list of firms you found appealing and begin to surf online for all kinds of reviews from previous clients, presence in social media, and examples of past work.

This will help you to avoid scammers and companies with a low professional level of employees. Then contact the outsourcing vendors you prefer and try to find out more about their services.

Whether or not they serve as a project manager, provide legal counsel with foreign tax and labor laws, or do product testing afterward, you will need to know what services are included in the standard package and for what you’ll need to pay extra.

If you will need to pay a big fee for extra packages or hire some in-house employees to monitor development’s progress, costs will naturally grow and outsourcing can be not so budget-friendly after all.

After you decide on an outsourcing company you will need to think about your team structure, hiring an in-house tech lead or consulting with someone with Scala experience can help.

After that, the company will present you with a list of viable candidates. Due to Scala being implemented in dozens of high-profile applications of worldwide famous companies, most professional developers with high levels of expertise will probably have some sort of past working relationships with them in their portfolio.

Pay attention to coders’ experience with Java Virtual Machine and other modern technology implemented in Scala development. If the portfolio didn’t satisfy you, don’t be afraid to ask for some additional examples of work or complete a test task.

Also, we recommend being involved in the interviewing process and confirming candidates’ soft skills. Even if you won’t communicate often, it is always good to know that on your app someone is proactive with a strong work ethic and involvement in the professional community.

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Scala is a programming language on the rise and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Hiring a remote developer can be challenging, but with the help of the right outsourcing company, you can avoid most of the risks and inconveniences.

Just do the proper research beforehand, plan your budget, and you will be able to get a top-notch product for a reasonable price.

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