How To Rest The Meat For Success In Any Backyard Party

How To Rest The Meat

December 26th, 2018   |   Updated on December 17th, 2020

BBQ is a complicated process but yet so delightful. There are so many stages of the bbq process. There are so many preparations has to be done starting from marinating the meat, prepping up the bbq stove and heating it up to the perfect temperature then maintaining the correct temperature while the meat is cooking in the smoker or grill.

In all this process people often seem to forget one very important and crucial part of the bbq process and that is resting the meat.

Once the meat is done cooking you will have to allow it a particular time to rest. If you start slicing the meat right away after getting it off the smoker then all the juices and flavors will leak out of the meat immediately and you will be left with a dry and less flavorful bbq.

Therefore, it is extremely important to let the meat sit for a while after its done cooking. Resting the meat for a good 10-15 minutes will help it absorb back all the juices and flavors in and keep it retained within the meat. So after the resting time when you will cut the meat, it will be juicy and delicious and every bite will be as tasty and delightful.

Resting the meat is a process that often people are unaware about. It is a very common mistake that people make to not allow the meat to rest. So knowing about the process better will help to understand how important it is for the bbq.

After so much effort has been put into the bbq process, you definitely wouldn’t want to lose the flavors out by not resting it. Have a look at the infographic for further details on resting the meat to get a delicious slice of bbq meat.

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