How To Screen Record On Windows 10 – iTop Screen Recorder Beginners Guide

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Published on May 8th, 2024

Screen recording is a useful function for computers since it helps you save everything happening on your screen.

It can be useful for saving online lectures and meetings. At the same time, it is vital for creating tutorials or sharing your gameplay after recording it.

While Windows 10 has a built-in screen recording feature, it lacks some important qualities.

That’s why we will share how to easily record screens on Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder.

How To Use iTop Screen Recorder To Record Windows 10 screen?

iTop Screen Recorder is an intuitive screen recording tool that comes with multiple features.

It has a very user-friendly user interface which makes screen recording an easy job with the following 3 steps only:

Step 1: Installing iTop Screen Recorder And Setting Up Your Preferences

Capturing Windows 10 screen with iTop Screen Recorder

The first step is downloading and installing iTop Screen Recorder on your PC.

It is available for free download with iTop Link. Once installed you will launch the tool and open settings from the top left.

This is where you can adjust the following video parameters according to your requirements:

  • Format
  • Resolution
  • Bit rate quality
  • Frame rate, etc.

Step 2: Customizing Screen Recording Settings

Step-by-step guide iTop Screen Recorder for Windows 10

When you are ready to screen the record, you will click the record tab and adjust the recording area.

This tab will also allow you to switch system audio recording, mic recording, mouse cursor recording, and webcam input recording on or off. Once you are done you may click REC and the recording will start.

Step 3: Stop Screen Recording To Automatically Save

Effortless screen recording on Windows 10 iTop tips

When you want to stop recording you can click the stop button (red square) and the software will stop recording your screen.

Your recorded video will be automatically saved to the selected location, and you can check in the file tab under the video section.

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Why Choose iTop Screen Recorder?

The Windows operating system comes with a built-in screen recording feature. At the same time, there are multiple third-party tools for this purpose.

Then why should you opt for iTop Screen Recorder? Well, there are many advanced features offered here that make it the best tool for you as discussed below:

1. High-Quality Screen Recording Without Any Issues

You don’t need to make any compromises on quality when recording your screen.

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to customize the screen recording quality with options like 720p, 1080p, and even 4K.

At the same time, it allows recording your screen in 60 frames per second. That means your recordings will be crystal clear and lag-free.

2. Record Any Part Of The Screen That You Want

One of the best things about iTop Screen Recorder is that you can record your screen in your desired area settings.

It allows recording full screen, a window, and in selected areas only. The best part is that you can customize the aspect ratio from given options.

In this way, no extra content will be recorded, and the recording will be perfect for the platform where you want to display it.

3. Screen Recording With Audio And Webcam Input

The iTop Screen Recorder software takes its screen recording experience to the next level. It is because it allows recording your screen with the following input options:

  • You can include the system audio in the recording
  • It allows adding mic input in your screen recording
  • Supports adding webcam input in the screen recording
  • Users can also enable or disable the mouse cursor in screen recording

This way you can screen record your PC and add as much information to your videos as you want.

4. Virtual Background For Webcam Recording

The webcam input feature from iTop Screen Recorder is very helpful in making your screen recordings more interactive.

However, users have multiple concerns about adding their webcam input like the background.

With iTop Screen Recorder you do not need to worry about the background since it has the feature to add a virtual background in webcam input.

This way, you can start recording right away without worrying about your background.

5. Built-In AI Voice Changer Feature

ITop Screen Recorder also comes with a built-in voice changer feature. It allows you to record your voice in high quality for your screen recordings and other requirements.

This feature ensures that there is no mic echo or background noise in the screen recording.

Moreover, it brings more than 10 different voice-changing filters. You can use these to disguise your real voice while recording screen videos.

Final Words

Screen recording not only becomes very easy with iTop Screen Recorder but it also becomes more feature-rich this way.

With the extensive features of this software, you can easily record screens and add different forms of information to the recording.

Hence, your screen-recorded videos will become more informative, interactive, and attractive. The best part is that it only takes 3 simple steps to record your Windows 10 screen.