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How To Watch Miami vs. Temple Game Live

How To Watch Miami vs. Temple Game

Published on September 23rd, 2023

Miami Hurricane Football is gearing up for their inaugural road challenge of the 2023 season, as they set their sights on Philadelphia to clash with the Temple Owls this upcoming weekend.

In the last 13 encounters between these two teams, the Canes have emerged victorious, establishing themselves as the undeniable favorites in this week four showdown.

While the Hurricanes aim to achieve a 4-0 start, a feat they haven’t accomplished since 2017, they recognize that winning is far from guaranteed.

The Temple Owls are determined to shatter Miami’s perfect record with a potential upset on their home turf.

If you can’t make it to Philadelphia for the game, here’s what you need to know to catch all the action from the comfort of your own couch.

Disclaimer: We strongly discourage engaging in pirate streaming activities, and we are not associated with any such services. The following information is provided solely for informational purposes. It is essential to understand that piracy is a cybercrime, and we strongly advocate purchasing and legally watching content.

Match Timing And Channels

The Temple Owls will host the Miami Hurricanes at Lincoln Financial Stadium in Philadelphia at 1:00 a.m. IST on September 24th.

The game will be televised on ESPN2 for those with cable, but if you’ve recently canceled your cable subscription, you can still catch it live.

All you require is a provider login, which you can obtain by subscribing to a live TV streaming service (more details below).

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Best Streaming Services For Miami vs. Temple Game

Curious about how to catch live college football action in the 2023-2024 season after parting ways with your cable subscription? We’ve got you covered. The showdown between Miami and Temple, broadcasting live on ESPN2, calls for a live TV streaming service to stay in the loop.

Interestingly, ESPN+ doesn’t simulcast every live game from the ESPN networks – we know, it can be perplexing.

Thankfully, live TV streaming services are your go-to solution for a thrilling college football season, boasting extensive sports channel lineups. Below, we’ve simplified things for you by sharing our top picks for the Temple vs. Miami game and more.

Sling TV: Orange Package

Sling TV, while offering a more compact channel lineup compared to its counterparts on this list, stands out as the most budget-friendly live TV streaming service available.

What’s even more appealing is its flexibility, allowing you to customize your channel selection by adding extra channels to tailor your viewing experience.

To catch the Temple vs. Miami showdown, you’ll want to opt for the Orange package, typically priced at $40 per month.

However, Sling is currently offering a limited-time introductory rate of just $20 for your first month, a fantastic deal that grants you access to numerous college football games at a very affordable cost.

If you decide not to continue with the regular pricing after your first month, be sure to cancel to avoid being charged at the standard rate.

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Similar to YouTube TV, FuboTV boasts an extensive channel lineup, but it sets itself apart by catering specifically to sports enthusiasts, making it an excellent choice for fans of live sports in all its diverse forms.

While it comes at a slightly higher cost compared to YouTube TV, it delivers exceptional value for sports aficionados.

The great news is that you can test FuboTV for a full week, giving you the opportunity to watch the Miami vs. Temple matchup and more without any charges during this trial period.

If you opt to remain a subscriber after your free trial, you can choose between two tiers: the Pro tier at $74.99 per month or the Elite tier at $84.99 per month to continue enjoying its sports-rich content.

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YouTube TV

Our top pick for the best overall live TV streaming service is YouTube TV. It offers an extensive selection of over 100 live TV channels, which includes big names like ESPN, ESPN2, SEC Network, ABC, CBS, NBC, the CW, Big Ten Network, and many more.

In addition to this impressive channel lineup, YouTube TV provides users with unlimited DVR storage, the option for six household accounts, and the ability to stream on up to three devices simultaneously.

With YouTube TV, you can catch the Miami vs. Temple game live on ESPN2 this Saturday, along with a multitude of other exciting games throughout the entire season.

You can start watching with no commitment required for the first 20 minutes to test out the service.

If you decide to subscribe, you can take advantage of a free trial period lasting up to 14 days (please note that trial periods may vary).

Once your trial period concludes, you have the flexibility to either continue your subscription at an attractive introductory rate of $54.99 per month for the first three months, with the standard rate of $72.99 per month thereafter, or you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Hulu + Live TV

Although it isn’t typically our top recommendation, Hulu is presently offering an enticing deal for its live TV streaming service.

Running until October 11th, you can enjoy three months of Hulu + Live TV for just $49.99 per month, saving you a substantial $20 each month.

This not only grants you access to the Miami vs. Temple matchup on ESPN2 but also opens the door to a plethora of other games over the next three months, courtesy of networks like ABC, Big Ten Network, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, Fox, FS1, ACC Network, and more.

It’s worth noting that after this initial three-month period, the price will revert to $69.99 per month. To avoid being charged at the regular rate, make sure to cancel your subscription in advance if you don’t wish to continue.

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