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How To Watch Next UFC Fight Night

How To Watch Next UFC Fight Night

Published on October 23rd, 2023

The UFC stands as the premier promotion in the realm of mixed martial arts, housing a roster of world-class fighters.

They host events nearly every weekend throughout the year, with monthly pay-per-view cards constituting the company’s marquee showcases.

Take a glimpse at the upcoming UFC event, featuring details on all the scheduled bouts, their start times, and instructions on how to tune in.

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Saturday 4 November – UFC Fight Night

What Time Does It Start?

The preliminary fights are slated to start at 3:30 AM IST, 10 PM GMT, and 1 PM PT on Saturday. The main card will then commence at 6:30 AM IST, 1 AM BST on Sunday, 6 PM PT, and 9 PM ET on Saturday.

How Do You View UFC Fight Night?

In the UK, you can catch the event live on TNT Sports, and the broadcaster’s app and website will also provide online streaming.

For viewers in the US, ESPN+ will offer a live stream of the action, and UFC’s Fight Pass is another streaming option.

If you’re abroad and wish to watch the event, you may require a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions on your streaming app.

Our VPN recommendations are available to assist you and offer deals on various VPN services. It’s important for VPN users to ensure they adhere to local regulations and their service provider’s terms and conditions.

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