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How To Watch NHL Preseason Games Live

How To Watch NHL Preseason Games Live

Published on September 28th, 2023

The NHL is preparing for its upcoming 2023–24 season, set to start on October 10th. Prior to the new season, all teams are currently engaged in their respective preseason activities.

This year marks a historic moment as the National Hockey League hosted its first-ever preseason matches in Australia, featuring the LA Kings and Arizona Coyotes at Melbourne’s renowned Rod Laver Arena.

As of now, the preseason games are in progress, and some exciting matchups are yet to take place. The 2023 NHL preseason games are being broadcast live, allowing fans to catch all the remaining action.

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How To Watch NHL 2023 Preseason Games Live On TV?

The 2023 National Hockey League preseason began on September 23rd and will run until October 7th.

To enjoy the games live on TV, fans can simply tune in to the NHL Network, TNT (for select games), and regional sports networks.

For those looking for live streaming options, hockey enthusiasts can follow their favorite teams in action by accessing DIRECTV STREAM.

Here are the preseason games slated for Thursday, September 28, in different time zones:

  • New Jersey Devils @ New York Rangers – 7:00 pm ET (US), 4:30 am IST (India), 12:00 am BST (UK)
  • Detroit Red Wings @ Washington Capitals – 7:00 pm ET (US), 4:30 am IST (India), 12:00 am BST (UK)
  • Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins – 7:00 pm ET (US), 4:30 am IST (India), 12:00 am BST (UK)
  • Colorado Avalanche @ Minnesota Wild – 8:00 pm ET (US), 5:30 am IST (India), 1:00 am BST (UK)
  • St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks – 8:30 pm ET (US), 6:00 am IST (India), 1:30 am BST (UK)
  • Vancouver Canucks @ Seattle Kraken – 10:00 pm ET (US), 7:30 am IST (India), 3:00 am BST (UK)

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