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How To Watch SA20 Auction 2024 Season 2 Player

How To Watch SA20 Auction 2024 Season 2 Player

Published on September 26th, 2023

There are 257 players who’ve enrolled for the auction, yet only 21 slots are up for grabs for teams due to the prior signing of players by franchise teams.

All six teams have undertaken strategic enhancements to fortify their rosters. High-profile international players and crucial South African talents are set to enrich the upcoming January 2024 edition of the League.

In addition to the standard auction process and the acquisition of 19 players per team, this season introduces two new aspects: wildcards and rookie players. Here are key highlights of the SA20 Auction:

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What Is The Salary Cap For The SA20 Auction 2024?

In each season, teams are allocated a salary cap for player expenditures. For Season 2, the salary cap has been raised by R 5.1 million, reaching a total of R39.1 million per team.

How Many Player Slots Are Available In The SA20 Season 2 Auction?

Each team has 19 player slots in their final squad. Additionally, teams are permitted 1 Wildcard selection and must secure 1 Rookie player, in addition to the 17 regular players. Teams are required to have a minimum of 10 players from South Africa and can have a maximum of 7 overseas players.

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What Is A Rookie In The SA20 Auction 2024?

A Rookie in the SA20 Auction refers to a South African player who is 22 years of age or younger on the day of the auction and is new to the Betway SA20 League.

What Is A Wildcard In The SA20 Auction 2024?

A Wildcard in the SA20 Auction is a player, whether local or international, whose fee is exempt from the Salary Cap. The deadline for selecting Wildcard players is December 30th.

How Many Players Will Be Part Of The SA20 Auction 2024?

A total of 257 players have registered their names for the auction, but not all of them may be included in the bidding process due to the limited slots available.

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How Can You Watch The SA20 Auction 2024?

The Season 2 auction will be broadcast live on SuperSport and the official YouTube channel on September 27th, starting at 4 PM local time.

When And Where Can You Watch The SA20 Auction 2024 Live In India?

Although the auction was broadcast on various platforms in India last year, there won’t be any TV channels showing it this time. However, Indian fans can tune in to the SA20 Season 2 auction via live streaming on the SA20 YouTube channel on Wednesday, September 27th, starting at 7:30 PM IST.

Feature Image Source: Betway SA20