How To Wirelessly Charge Your iPad Pro

Wirelessly Charge Your iPad Pro

Published on January 10th, 2023

Wireless charging has been around for mobile phones for quite some time. It’s gained great momentum as more and more people realize how convenient wireless charging is. But how about wireless charging for tablets?

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Apple would release the iPad Pro 2022 with MagSafe or wireless charging capability. It didn’t happen. But fortunately, there is still a way to charge your iPad Pro wirelessly. And PITAKA offers the simplest solution.

PITAKA’s Wireless Charging Solution For iPads

As we all know, none of the tablets currently support Qi or MagSafe wireless charging. So, we can’t simply lay the iPad on those regular wireless chargers to charge. That won’t work.

PITAKA managed to transfer the power from the charger to the middle part of the iPad to the charging USB-C port.

To make that happen, they have produced a specially-made case, MagEZ Case Pro, and two chargers with metal contacts, PitaFlow Charger and MagEZ Charging Stand.

How iPad Wireless Charging Works

PITAKA has charging cables and magnets embedded in the MagEZ Case Pro and the “X” contact structure on the surface. And there is a USB-C connector which, when plugged in, will connect the charging port on the iPad and the center part of the case through built-in cables.

The X contact structure is used to connect with that on the chargers.

And with a magnetic design, you can magnetically attach the iPad (using the MagEZ Case Pro) to the charger.

The power will go from the charger to the case through those mental contacts, from the contacts on the case to the charging module inside, from the charging module to the USB-C port through charging cables.

It may sound a bit complicated. But all you need to do is, install the case on your iPad, snap it to the PitaFlow Charger or MagEZ Charging Stand, and you’re good to go – no more plugging and unplugging the cable. It works just like MagSafe or Qi wireless charging.

MagEZ Case Pro

The charging case for iPad Pro is the key to making iPad wireless charging possible. But it’s more than that.

Made of lightweight yet durable aramid fiber, the case is ultra-slim to work seamlessly with Apple Magic Keyboard.

Without removing the case, just attach your iPad Pro to enjoy all functionalities of the tablet and keyboard.

Also, you can use the included USB-C connector to keep the charging port from dust.

The case is available in five colors, including the classic black and grey twill, the elegant white, and unique fusion weaving colors seen nowhere else.

PitaFlow Charger For iPad

This MagSafe-like charger is included in the package of the MagEZ Case Pro.

Imagine you were holding the iPad Pro and about to score a Triple Kill in the game. But the charging cable passing through your fingers prevented you from swiping faster to take down the enemy – what a bummer.

The charging cable always gets in the way when the battery is low and you still need to use the device. So, how to get rid of the cable? That’s where the PitaFlow Charger comes into the picture.

Snap it to your iPad, and it charges the iPad through the case. You don’t need to plug a cable into the USB-C port.

And the cable from the charger is much easier to be handled. So, to some extent, you can hold your iPad in whichever way you want.

MagEZ Charging Stand For iPad Pro

PITAKA also offers a charging stand to mount your iPad Pro at a comfortable viewing level, so you can work like a pro while charging up the tablet.

Magnetically attach your iPad (using the MagEZ Case Pro) to the stand. The iPad will be charged up while you focus on your work. Also, you can put your phone or AirPods on the Qi wireless charging base. Wirelessly charging your devices definitely save time and help you keep your desk organized.

Additionally, you can effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes as well as tilt the tablet up or down. And you can add a keyboard or mouse to turn the iPad Pro into a desktop computer.

When you need to go, simply grab the iPad from the stand with one single. Rest assured that your iPad is protected and charged up.


It may still take a while for the wireless charging-capable iPad to come out. But with PITAKA’s charging accessories, you can experience hassle-free wireless charging on your iPad Pro 2021 and 2022 right now.

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