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How To Wirelessly Share Contact Info On iPhones

Published on November 21st, 2023

How To Wirelessly Share Contact Info On iPhones: 5 Important Takeaways

  • NameDrop Feature Overview
  • Sharing Options and Limitations
  • Device and Software Requirements
  • Activation and Settings
  • Step-by-Step Sharing Process

NameDrop, a new feature from Apple, enables iPhone and Apple Watch users to wirelessly share contact information by utilizing AirDrop.

By placing your device near another person’s iPhone or smartwatch, you can share specific details such as email addresses or phone numbers.

Users have the flexibility to choose whether to share their own contact information, receive the other person’s details, or both. Additionally, if a Contact Poster was created with iOS 17, it will be shared during this process.

NameDrop Restrictions And Requirements:

NameDrop has certain limitations in terms of the information it can share.

It is restricted to sharing only your email address or phone number and cannot include details such as your mailing address, website address, Notes, or other fields in your contact card.

If you have multiple email addresses or phone numbers, you can only share one of them through NameDrop.

Additionally, you cannot use NameDrop to share updated contact information if the other person already has you as a contact. They must delete your information first before you can share an updated contact card.

For the NameDrop feature to work, both you and the other person need to have iOS 17 or a higher version on your iPhones.

To check and update your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

On an Apple Watch, the feature requires watchOS 10.1 or a newer version, and it’s compatible with Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), or Apple Watch Series 7 and later.

To update your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to General > Software Update, and install the latest version of watchOS.

Review NameDrop Settings:

NameDrop is automatically enabled, requiring no manual activation. However, you can ensure its functionality by checking Settings > General > AirDrop and confirming that “Bringing Devices Together” is enabled.

Choose the “Everyone for 10 Minutes” option to allow the reception of a new contact card.

If you’re exchanging information over a cellular connection, ensure that “Use Cellular Data” is switched on.

How To Share Your Contact Information:

Sharing contact information varies depending on the device combination: two iPhones, two Apple Watches, or an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

The specific steps for each scenario will guide you through the process of transferring contact information effectively.

Share Contact Info Between iPhones

To initiate the process of sharing your contact information from your iPhone with another iPhone, position your phone slightly above the top of the other person’s phone.

Both devices will illuminate, indicating the establishment of a connection. Maintain this position until the NameDrop feature appears on each screen.

If you wish to cancel the process, simply move the two devices away from each other.

Once the NameDrop feature is activated, your Contact Poster will appear on your phone.

Tap the displayed phone number or email address based on the information you want to share. If you have multiple numbers or email addresses, choose the specific one you intend to share.

For scenarios where you only want to receive the other person’s contact card without sharing your own, tap “Receive Only” on your device. The other person should then tap “Share.”

Alternatively, if both parties want to share their contact information, each individual should tap the “Share” button on their respective iPhones.

Following the exchange, a contact card is generated, incorporating the shared poster along with the chosen phone number or email address.

On the receiving phone, you can tap “Edit” to make any desired modifications or additions to the card. Otherwise, tap “Done” on both phones.

Subsequently, the contact information of the other person will appear on each device. If further adjustments are necessary, you can tap “Edit” or “Done” to manage the shared contact card.

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Share Contact Info Between Apple Watches

To exchange contact information between two Apple Watches, start by accessing the Contacts app on one of the watches. Tap your picture located in the upper-right corner and select the Share icon.

Subsequently, bring your watch in close proximity to the other person’s watch. Both watches will illuminate and vibrate.

At this point, you can choose whether you only want to receive the other person’s contact information or share the information from both watches. The contact information of the other person will then be displayed on your watch.

Share Contact Info Between iPhone And Apple Watch

To share contact information between an iPhone and an Apple Watch, position the iPhone slightly above the Apple Watch.

The iPhone will illuminate, and the watch will vibrate to signal the connection.

Maintain the position, then decide whether to receive the other person’s contact information or share information from both devices.

Subsequently, the contact information is transmitted to either one or both devices.

Feature Image Source: Vista Wei