How To Write A Good Essay In One Night


October 16th, 2018   |   Updated on August 12th, 2019

While in college, many students tend to procrastinate their essay writing tasks. This is because they believe they still have some time to spare before working on their papers. However, this comes to affect them in a bad way.

Experts at mentioned, that majority rush to complete their essays in a single day or night before the due date.

They produce poor quality papers which hence grants them bad grades. Hence, you should not leave your essay writing assignment for the last minute.

It is not an ideal method of producing a good article. You will pressure yourself with the lack of time, exhaustion and sleepiness. Thus, you need to focus not only on your writing skills but also organizing the writing process.

Contrariwise, there are some students who develop good papers in a single night. This may be due to the adrenaline or their efficient essay writing skills.

Writing last minute essay seems to be the muse they need to produce good papers. But, this is not an advisable method to produce good articles.

There are various techniques you can use and learn how to stay awake while writing an essay. You do not need to wait till last minute and instill more pressure on yourself. According to PerfectEssay, below are some tips you can use to learn how to write a long paper in one night.

1. Relax Your Mind And Body

Relaxed Space

Before you begin writing your paper, you need to relax your mind and body. You need to be in a calm state so that you may focus on your paper. You only have a single night to finish your paper.

Do not wait till the deadline approaches and ask someone to help me finish my essay. You can finish writing your essay in a single night. Believe in yourself.

Relax your mind by listening to some soft music such as classical music. This can help you relax and focus on writing your paper.


2. Drink Caffeine


Coffee and energy drinks help one to stay awake for longer hours. Writing a research paper in one night may seem to be a daunting task.

But, caffeine has the power to help you stay awake for long. So, you need to drink a lot of it. And while at, you need to ensure you do not mix energy drinks with prescription drugs.


3. Protect Your Thesis In A Devising Session

Protect Your Thesis In A Devising Session

It is fundamental to have a thesis statement in your paper, which you can look through at This is because it helps support the argument in your topic.

But, you need to provide reasons on the truth about your thesis statement. Brainstorm and find every reason why the reader(s) need to consent to your claim or assertion.

You need to defend your thesis statement in a brainstorming session. Note down the key arguments of your paper. They will help support the body paragraphs of your article.


4. Develop A Top-notch Introduction

 Good Essay

The introduction of your paper is what will determine whether the audience will have an interest in reading your paper or not. So, you need to write a top-notch introduction.

It should not only capture the attention of the reader(s) but also exhibit the focus of your paper on the topic at hand. While writing your introduction, avoid having too many long sentences.

Write a few short sentences and then include your thesis statement. Additionally, if you do not know how to write a killer introduction, can use your thesis statement to come up with one.


5. Take Short Breaks

Short Breaks

You may strive to write as fast as you can and finish your paper before the deadline approaches. Hence, you will not consider relaxing in the little time you have left.

But, taking short regular breaks can help you finish writing your night paper fast. When you work for longer hours your brain functions less in an efficient way.

You can find yourself staring at your paper or the screen. This is because you do not have anything to write about. Your overnight essay should not overwhelm you.

Take short breaks while writing your paper. You can also exercise a little while at it. This will help calm your nerves and freshen up your mind and body.


6. Hydrate Yourself

Lemon Water

Water is the most significant drink the body needs to have. This is because it helps your brain to function in a proper way as well as your energy levels.

So, you need to drink plenty of water. Do not use caffeine drinks as a replacement. Their functions on the body are not similar. Ensure you always keep a bottle or glass of water close when writing your essay.


7. Think What Critics Will Say About Your Thesis


When writing your paper, you need to put into consideration what critics will say about it. It is obvious that not every person will agree with your thesis statement.

Thus, you need to reveal to them that you understand the counterarguments. To do so, cite what they may say about your assertions and respond to them.

This will help strengthen your article. Additionally, it will show that you understand your topic well and that you are ready to retort to oppositions or objections.


8. Provide A Summary Of Your Thesis At The End

Revise your paper

The conclusion paragraph in an essay shows that you have come to the end of your writing. It needs to have a summary of what your essay is about.

To make it more interesting, wrap it up by reiterating your thesis statement. Also, you need to provide some evidence to back it up.

The audience needs to have something to ponder on after reading your paper. So, ensure you conclude your article with a thought-provoking statement.


9. Revise Your Paper


Writing a college essay in one day and going through the paper seems to be an exasperating task for many students. Some, wish they can finish writing their articles, submit them and focus on something else.

But, it is crucial you go through your essay before submitting it. This will help you correct all the mistakes you come across. Additionally, you will be able to ensure your paper corresponds to the topic.

Moreover, you will guarantee that your article has a logical structure and a smooth flow.

In conclusion, as a student, you do not need to leave your essay assignment for the last minute. You will not be able to produce a good paper and this will affect your performance.

There are various ways you can learn how to finish a paper in one night. Do not wait until the deadline approaches. You can write night and deliver a good paper with these methods.

So, if you want to learn how to write an essay in just one night, consider using the tips above.

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