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These 35 Hungry Animals Who Love Pizza More Than Life Itself


December 12th, 2016   |   Updated on February 22nd, 2017

Pizza is truly a universal food that almost everyone enjoys. Not all pizza is created equal though. Some slices are a nutritious addition to your diet while others are nutritional nightmares. Knowing the difference between a healthy piece of pizza and an unhealthy one will let you enjoy this much-loved food more often and guilt-free.

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Pizza is wonderful. Pizza is a gift. These 35 hungry animals seem to only have eyes for pizza, and will do anything they can to get a taste of your saucy slice.

1. I’ve got the slice finally.












2. Would you like to  finish that by yourself?


3.  Let me have this first. I want it so much. 


4. “This is the best slice of pizza I’ve ever had.”

5. Only crust is left for me?


6. I’ll have this slice of pizza.


7.  I’m just getting a little nibble of the crust


8. Yeah…my yummy slice.


9. Sorry, pal, this is not your food


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10. Oh, to be human and order pizza at any given moment…


11. Don’t test my patience. I want to have it, right at the moment.


12. Slurpliciously yummy slice.


13. What pizza? Oh…this pizza? Was this yours?


14. Don’t you see, I too am hungry.


15. These eyes are a close second, though.


16. Let me have pizza dream.


17. You dare me to eat the whole thing?! It’s on.


18. It smells delicious!


19. First, let me go to my safe place, and then I’ll have it.


20. Don’t keep me waiting, please pass on my slice.

21. Okay, maybe you can have my crust, you big puddle of pizza-less sadness.


22. So ooey. So gooey.


23. What a delicious slice! Let me nibble it.


24. I’m trying so hard to be a good boy.


25. Should I jump to have my slice?


26. He’s waiting for the crumb to drop.


27. What a pizza ninja.


28. Let me keep the pizza warm.


29. I am completely focused to have this slice at the earliest.


30. Let me have my nap. I ate it all.


31. Am I still dreaming?

32. You got…extra cheese?


33. One for me!


34. I’m just having the taste. 


35. What? You want some of this? NOPE.

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