Hunt A Killer: Murder Mystery Packed In A Box

Hunt A Killer

April 1st, 2021   |   Updated on April 2nd, 2021

Hunt A Killer, in simple terms, is a murder mystery subscription box. Here, you become the detective and use the clue to solve the crime. Usually, the crime has a killer and many different suspects to consider.

Once you have subscribed to it, you get a Hunt A Killer ‘season’, and each season supposedly lasts for 6 months.
Every month, there is a new episode which means that there are 6 episodes in all.

They have packed each episode in a box, and you receive it as per the monthly schedule. It is your job to sort through the various evidence and clues and eliminate one suspect for every episode.

You have the option of purchasing the whole season in bulk and receive all the boxes together. You could take a monthly subscription and get one box per month. This is perfect for people who don’t want to wait a month to receive the next month murder mystery box.

But if you opt for a complete season pass, you can save some money. If you are doubtful about purchasing the entire season, then buy the first-month box and cancel this subscription in case you are not satisfied.

Purchasing Option For Hunt A Killer

You can go through the different purchasing options in the Hunt A Killer online store for the current season.
You may see the different purchasing options in the Hunt A Killer online store.

Once you make a purchase, they put you on a payment plan of $30 per month. If you don’t want to continue, you will have to cancel the subscription from their website.

Each box has police reports, newspaper clipping, notes of suspects, financial records, plus an object like a cuff link or a monogrammed hanky.

Curtain Call talks about a cold case from the 1930s when a stage actor disappeared after arguments, and her body is found. The theater owner contacted your friend, a detective, but that person passes the case to you.

The most charming aspect of the box is the way the game design keeps you in its world. There is a virtual desktop where you can log in if you wish to see evidence virtually instead of physical papers. The in-universe computer has notes on how you can crack a series of standard codes used in the adventure.

When you find out the details that are needed to finalize every episode, you will have to email the answer to contact at this fictional theater.

You will have to write a specific subject line and answer the question they asked you in the episode. Thankfully you have an entire month to figure that out.

Passing the information to the player such that the secret is not revealed is a challenge, but the designers have outdone themselves. For example, in the first box, you receive a souvenir notebook from the theater where the murder happened.

It does a double job as you can write notes and read the various facts and information about the theater mentioned. There is also a description of the stage direction. Maybe that would also be useful for you at some point.

The structure of the monthly box also makes understanding the mystery very easy. Every box has an assigned goal of its, and there are two levels to each episode. The goal could be something like finding out the murder weapon or eliminating a person from the suspects.

Each box also gives you a big picture of the crime that happened. Who are these people? How are these people related to each other, and why would they want to kill the star?

The combination of going through each detail and solving the case is exciting. More so when the story starts hinting at people who may not be murderers or seeing details that are not what you had presumed in the beginning.

All the material, starting from the detective’s notes of every suspect’s interviews to the playbills, gives you in-depth knowledge about the theater.

You may have to go through a lot of reading, make notes, and organize the information to proceed with the investigation.

However, the material you get with each monthly episode is written well enough so that you do not get bored. The only times you nay get bored is when you have to decode the messages after breaking open the cipher.