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17 Photos Show How the ‘Ideal’ Female Body Has Changed Through The Years

Ideal Female Body

Published on March 31st, 2017

Throughout history, the ideal female body type has changed from plump, boyish, curvaceous, androgynous, and athletic. Women have been trying to live up to society’s body ideals since the very beginning.

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It’s hard to view our place in history, but everything changes over time. Politics, languages, and even what people find beautiful or sexy.

1. The 1600 and 1700s were about abundance

ideal female body


2. Tiny waists were the norm in the 1800 and 1900s

woman body


3. The rise of the Gibson Girl in the 1900s

female body


4. The feminine and boyish look was the style of the 1920s

perfect body


5. Women’s hair also had a revolutionary moment

ideal body

6. Hollywood got big and the flapper girl fell out of favor for something a bit more glamorous. In the 1930s

women body shapes


7. Ethnic women also became icons of beauty, something that had never occurred in the past. This is Dolores del Rio, a Hollywood star of the era

the female body


8. Then Marilyn came along

perfect woman body


9. Her workout regimen? Lift five-pound weight every morning for fifteen minutes

beautiful women body


10. The 1960s paid homage to the boyish look of the 1920s

perfect female body


11. In the ’70s, tan and long, feathered hair was the hot look.

ideal bmi for women


12. The 1970s saw the feminist movement grow

perfect body woman

13. Later in the ’80s, athletic was in. Florence Griffith Joyner became a sex symbol after her turn in the 1984 Olympics

best female body


14. Jane Fonda made a name for herself in her 40’s with an empire of exercise videos

the perfect body


15. Then ’90s came to fruition with “heroin chic,” a look that many criticized drug use and dangerously thin figures

perfect body shape for female


16. Brazil has exported most of the supermodels of the 2000s like Giselle Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Alesandra Ambrosio

perfect body shape


17. In the 2010s, butts were big. Both literally and figuratively. It seems to be a response to the unattainable body types earlier

perfect woman's body

If anything history has told us is that every body is ideal. Thick, skinny, curvaceous, athletic, and naturally thin are all beautiful

perfect body girl


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