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Incredible Images By Kid Photographers Published In National Geographic Will Leave You Amazed

Young Photographers-V2

Published on February 2nd, 2017

Young photographers, aged between 11 and 13, submitted entries to the 2016 National Geographic International Photography Contest.

More than 46,000 budding photographers entered the global competition which saw 12-year-old Kate Anderson from Shelley, Idaho, capturing the grand prize.

Her photo of an ostrich chick, chirping away in front of a miniature microphone, titled ‘Owning the Stage,’ saw Kate win a ten-day trip to the Galápagos Islands.

Kate Anderson, 12, took a photo with her new ostrich chick. The picture led her to win the U.S. competition

Young Photographers-V1


Dewi Baggerman, 11, from The Netherlands, won the global side of the competition with his picture of the underside of tulips

Young Photographers-V2


Piers Nicklin, 12, said: ‘Napping on the beach, I opened my eyes to this colorful parade of camels on Galu Beach in Kenya

Young Photographers-V3

Pan Yinzhi, 13, from China managed to get a unique and colorful perspective of a cargo storage yard

Young Photographers-V4


Mystic Gates: Riley Harlan, 12, was high in the mountains of Japan, where 10,000 gates lie still, just waiting to be explored

Young Photographers-V5


Zip-line Adventure: Ryan Hughes, 13, took this photo after his friend jumped off a wooden ledge

Young Photographers-V6

Alexia Saigh, 14, took a peek through this archway into the beautiful southern Bohemian town of Cesky Krumlov located in the Czech Republic.

Young Photographers-V7


Maj Kastelic, 13, from Slovenia, saw this face-off between a lizard and bug on a nearby leaf

Young Photographers-V8


Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis who is 10 and from The Netherlands captured this photo of a dog leaping out of the ocean

Young Photographers-V9

David Hopkins, 13, was at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington. ‘There were many birds,’ he wrote. ‘I got this pic while it was fluttering into its nest’

Young Photographers-V10


Freya Youssef, 12, captured a photo of a mother prairie dog greeting its young pup with a kiss. It was taken in Custer State Park last spring

Young Photographers-V11