Incredible Images Of The World’s Most Endangered Animals. #3 Is The Most Touching

Updated on January 12th, 2018

The beautiful images were taken over 18 months and the photographer hopes they will highlight the desperate plight of some of the globe’s most endangered creatures. It is part of a project by photographer Arthur Xanthopoulos to raise awareness of endangered species.

“When people view the images, my hope is that they will see these animals as more than just animals in a zoo and take the time to understand the risks they face due to human encroachment on their habitats,” says the ace photographer.

Let’s start exploring images captured to showcase the ‘humanism’ of endangered species and in doing so help bring to the fore the plight these animals face in the wild.

1. Sumatran Orangutan Looks Like In Deep Thoughts At Melbourne Zoo In Melbourne, Australia

Sumatran Orangutan


2. An Adult Male Lion Sits Proud And Magnificent

Male Lion


3. Portrait Of A Western Lowland Gorilla Mother With Her Baby

Gorilla Mother


4. A Young Elephant Seen At Melbourne Zoo In Melbourne

Young Elephant

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5. Sumatran Orangutan Looks Directly To The Photographer As He Has His Photo Taken

Sumatran Orangutan Looks


6. An Adult Male Lion And Lioness Play Fight

Male Lion And Lioness Play Fight


7. A Majestic Portrait Of The Sumatran Tiger At Melbourne Zoo

Tiger At Melbourne Zoo


8. Two Sumatran Orangutans Seen Sharing An Adorable Moment

Two Sumatran Orangutans


9. The Sumatran Tiger Seen Growling

Tiger Seen Growling

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If you want to add more such incredible images of some of the most endangered species of animals, please share below.

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